I am loosing my fight with Asthma

I have been diagnosed as a severe and persistent asthmatic since 2010.  I know some of the triggers with the most common one being chronic sinusitis and (possibly) related post nasal drip.  I seem to survive from steroid burst to steroid burst.  I have been on / off Prednisone for 10 years now.  I have tried numerous times to come off of it with only limited success for limited periods of time.  For the last 1.5 years I have ranged from 10 mg to 30 mg per day with periodic 50 mg bursts every other month.  One of the many side effects is about 110 lbs over weight for I cannot seem to balance my diet with high drug intake.  I am on a host of other meds as well but it is the constant chronic sinusitis, Prednisone, asthma viscous cycle that has destroyed my life.  Is there anyone on here that can relate to these issues?  I live in Madison, AL by the way, which I understand to be a war zone for allergies (probably highly related to my chronic sinusitis).  I just want to swap war stories and find out if others are out there fighting what seems to be a loosing battle.


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  • Shea

    Welcome to the forum Auhoss. I have asthma as part of a greater chronic allergic disease that I was diagnosed with in 2012 (called church-strauss syndrome). My triggers include cat and dog dander (highly allergic), molds, chemical irritants, smoke. I started with prednisone bursts in 2010 as well–Going up and down. In 2012 I had a heart attack from allergic blood cells called eosinophils surrounding my heart and choking it– I had been living with cats and dogs at the time and I am allergic to them and had been medicating with Singulair (now correlated with Churg-Strausd) and Zyrtec but the meds seemed to block symptoms and keep allergens and allergic inflammation in my body and I was around things I was allergic to more because I wasn't having the sneezing, coughing, stuff on those meds (But was apparently having it inside my blood and tissues) and I think that is how I became so ill.

    Since then I have found a pet-free home to live in AND and it's a new home so no molds (I live in Florida and lots of older places have mold here). I have been doing better, but still have been stuck on prednisone– 20mgs– I haven't tried lowering in a while even. I am waiting until my PFT has a better reading before trying to go down again. I also have the prednisone puffiness– 8 years on it and I used to be 120, now 190. Plus I just don't feel good. I am 33 but achy and fighting fatigue every day, my asthma inhalers help but still so limited by what I can do. My first years were a battle of trying to come down too fast on prednisone and having to go way up and then taper back and I learned 20 mgs is my maintenance dose, and realizing how sensitive I was now to triggers (since the heart attack, even  the amounts of dander carried on others can give me an asthma attack). I feel like the prednisone is keeping me just stable to enough. I am sick of feeling crummy and low energy. Sick of being sick. Sick of worrying about asthma triggers. 

     Things would be nicer if I could just get off the pre n isone, and be healthy.

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Hello. I have chronic asthma and COPD. I live in the woods and wetlands with the highway behind my backyard. I am constantly battling triggers. I am sick of being sick, as Shea said. I do keep a positive outlook and find things that are happy and enjoyable each day!!! My motto is: Keep on going! Happy New Year…this is a wonderful group of people!!!! 😀

  • Melissa G

    Welcome to AAFA AUHOSS!  

    You can check out our you can see where your city ranks in the top 100 Most Challenging Places to live with allergies. We also have an . 

    Have you seen this blog post on ?

    We have a wonderful and supportive on-line community. Please let us know if you need anything. 

  • auhoss

    Thanks for all the replies.  I am grateful for the info as well.  I will post my current regiment for others to know.

    Meds* Prednisone : 10-30 mg / day with 50 mg bursts as needed* Zyrtec : 10mg per day* Lasix : 10 mg per day* Zileuton : 600 mg 2x per day* Advair : 500/50 per day* Nexium : 1x per day* Nasal Rinse : 1x or 2x per day* IVIG infusions : per 28 days (a 6 hour hospital visit)* Nucala : per 28 days (a shot in doc office)* CPAP machine at night (two full sleep assessment studies performed)* Numerous over-the-counter aids as well such as Mucinex and fish oil supplements* Antibiotics (a wide spectrum of attempts – 40% of last 5 years spent on some form of antibiotic)* Bronchial Thermoplasty is on the table for me to acceptHospital (recent)

    * 3 severe asthma attacks with 3-7 days in hospital each visit in last 4 years* Infected cyst / polyp near lower right sinus cavity.  Removal required large portions of tissue and bone.* 2 sinus endoscopy explorations in last 5 yearsCurrent Ongoing Symptoms

    * Chronic sinusitis that never seems to go away* Constant thick mucus build up in nasal airways* Constant coughing and clearing of throat (coughing usually severe in mornings and night)* Constant wheezing (at night it is unbearable)* Constant facial pressure* Occasional right upper jaw pain that can be severe (partly related to cyst removal procedure noted above)* Constant post nasal drip with a milky like texture that leaves bitter taste in mouth* Constant watery / itchy eyes (left eye drains almost non-stop)* Loss of taste and smell that comes and goes (at least 30% of time I have one or the other or both conditions)* Const tight pressure on chest and difficulty breathing* Constant joint pain (onset of arthritis is partly to blame but most steroids)* Inability to focus (most definitely a prednisone side effect)* Constant skin rashes* Severe weight gain : 5 years ago I was 6'2" tall 210 lbs : Now 320 lbs

    I wish you all the very best in your struggles.  It is clear the medical community knows very little about these respiratory issues.  Some docs want to blame patients for the problems as insecurity in their ability to understand.  These are complex and complicated diseases processes.  Prednisone is a devastating drug on many levels.

  • Melissa G

    Wow! Have you ever had an MRI of your sinuses? Has your mucus ever been tested to see if you have a bacterial infection?

  • auhoss


    Yes, I have had numerous MRIs of my sinuses over the years.  Two here recently, including follow up lab tests for bacterial and fungus infection.  I practically live in my ENTs office.  You may know that one of the many side effects of Prednisone is it will give a false image of your sinuses in that the image may appear clear when in fact there is underlying chronic infection.  This is the constant trap w/ patients who have chronic sinusitis w/ asthma.  They most always need Prednisone to breath which makes sinus images falsely good.The current ongoing theory with me is I may have a bacterial drug resistance, which led to the IVIG therapy (I also met the threshold limits to qualify for the therapy as well.)  Most lab work from me results in common bacterial, but the antibiotics ear-marked to fight these bacterial fail for me.

    It is hard to say.  My previous ENT lost hope on me after 15 years of struggles.  I recently switched, and the new ENT is simply going over old approaches and techniques I have already tried with failure.

    By the way, I hold a full time job as a research scientist here in Huntsville, AL.  I have managed to keep my job and keep the doc appointments but it has been an incredible struggle.  I have demoted myself 3 times in the process to ensure I am not in critical customer interaction positions.  I now mostly do research behind the scenes.  The Prednisone and inability to focus condition is probably the highest risk condition I have that may cause me to loose my job eventually.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Shea

    Auhoss, it seems like you have a good regimen on the medications.

    I dont use Advair, I use Combivent (ipatroprium bromide-albuterol) and Flovent (budesonide). That combination works the best for me… Mostly bevause the advair seemed to mess with my heart rate and I do have underlying heart stuff. 

    For me, the goal is coming down on my maintenence dose–but it is not just a matter of me wanting to come down. I have failed too many times at it … but I learn with each failure. So I keep making adjustments for the new plan after any failure. This is my next plan for a successful taper.

    1- I have to be stabile on a maintenence dose, which for me is 20mg… And I define stable as eosinophils in normal range (based on CBC– I finally have this!), PFT in normal range (or at least not really bad like my last one was. I am in this phase right now, awaiting my next appointment late this month for a PFT hoping it is good enough to get a go ahead and move to 18mgs). 

    2- Have the house clean and easy foods in the fridge for the week that I am starting the taper.

    3- When I lower on prednisone I tend to need nebulizers to get me through humps even when I do 2mg at a time (they work better for me than inhalers and they make me lie in bed for 15-20 minutes to do them which is good for me to do when I am tapering).

    4- any time I lower it is like I have the flu– I almost say pretend you do have the flu and take off a week from work/life just to attempt the taper and do it during your best time of season allergy-wise. I think the fatigue and ill-feeling is due to adrenal fatigue and the body adjusting.

    5- I have an adrenal support supplement I got from the health food stores that is supposed to help with adrenal fatigue, so I am going to try that next time I taper. 

    Prednisone is tough– I would be dead without it so I cannot curse it too bad. But the side effects are really getting to me– I also have pretty much all the side effects– the osteopenia achy joints and back tightness and heartburn. Doctors, I realize, are only part of my treatment plan but tbey dont seem to be able to do too much beyond writing prescriptions for the typical things and — for me it isnt cutting it, and gets same-ole, same-ole… so I feel you on that. 

  • auhoss

    Hi Shea,

    Yes, your description of tapering is very close to my experience.  The initial tapering stage tends to make things worse for a few weeks, especially after extended (years) of Prednisone usage.  I have to do several days of heavy Nebulizer too.  In addition to the items you mentioned I also experience the following :

    * purple skin rashes on my right arm and both lower legs (some of these seem permanent. but some faded … they always come back on a taper though)* large red rashes (the last time I tried I had a rash with the surface area of a plate around my lower stomach area … I understand some people get them in visible places like on the face)* extreme heat sensations in my lower legs (I usually have to sleep w/ no covering at all for a few days as a result)* extreme itching usually in lower legs* my right eye problems became severe and I usually have to get a local eye steriod to taper it separately

    Yes, it is hard not to be angry with the doctors.  They really don't know much more than canned antibiotics and steroid treatments.  My immunologist seems actually more detailed and low level knowledgeable than my pulmonologist.  She started the IVIG and Nucala treatments and tightly monitors the results.  I don't blame them anymore for I now know these disease processes are just not well understood.  I do get irritated with the docs that attempt to blame to hide their lack of knowledge.  I just want to tell them it's ok to not know the answers; there isn't anyone to blame.

    I haven't tightly coupled PFT results with my decisions.  I can have wildly different PFT results depending on how drugged up I am and if a sinus infection is raging / fueling my asthma.  I initially tracked all this 7 or 8 years ago but eventually quit after the roller coaster rides of drugs became routine.  My doctors still order them routinely but I don't think they correlate much with my meds.

    Good luck with your next attempts.

  • Shea

    Thanks AUHOSS about sharing your experiences. I do get rashes as well and it seems I get super sensitive to everything– I think its just the underlying inflammation becoming exposed but my theory is if I start small enough and move slow enough I can make a tiny progression– but I only want to attempt it when I am not having any sinus infection or am not in the middle of my bad allergy season– I want to be adjusted by then. That is why I have been hoping for January as my month. Unfortunately my vasculitis part of my churg-strauss disease is acting up the past 2 weeks, so I am trying to get that under control again (and let the holiday stress pass) along with getting an OK PFT (so at least I am starting on firm ground and have a good reference point to help me gauge myself. To me, for me to get over the hump– I want to be as de-stressed and as healthy and as prepared as possible (not perfect, because I swear some of my issues may be from the long-term prednisone use itself) but not struggling with inflammation or any infection or anything. I will let you know how it goes.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have a maintenence dose of prednisone that you have tried slow tapers on? If so, how many mg do you go down? How are you doing now on your current dose?

    I really think long-term use prednisone has some unique problems and I am trying to find out what is going on in my body as these tapers happen and how I can help it. 


  • auhoss

    Hi SHEA,

    The last time I tapered I had been on 20-30 mg for over a year.  I had been on 30 mg for the last two months of that cycle.

    I started with a stagger first.  30-25-30-25-30-25 for roughly 2 weeks.  I then stayed on 25 mg for 1 more week.  Roughly 3 weeks total.

    I did the same thing with 25-20-25-20 for another 3 weeks.

    Then I started lowering every week by 2 mg, depending on how I felt.  Sometimes I took a few more days than others.

    I recall the entire process down to 0 mg was ~5 months and even then I felt it was probably too fast.  The entire time was so miserable, especially around 10 mg when all those issues noted above started slowly manifesting.  I had to work a lot of 6 hour days during that time to come home and nap frequently.

    That was all about 4 years ago.  For some reason I escaped sinus infections that Spring and I was able to complete the taper down.  I have tried again several other times but in all those recent attempts I make it part way into the taper and get bull-dozed by a raging sinus infection that quickly sends my asthma into overdrive. Then I go right back up the Prednisone dosage chain … sometimes into the hospital.

    I am absolutely convinced some of my problems are Prednisone based.  I believe my left eye problem has slowly evolved due to Prednisone.  Joint pain and general fatigue are largely due to Prednisone.  Focusing … absolutely Prednisone.  Bloated look … Prednisone … though I do believe a balanced diet and healthy weight is probably possible even on high dose Prednisone though I have yet to achieve it.  Scarred up legs and arms from rashes and withdrawal … Prednisone.  Emotional sways … mostly Prednisone … but I was born with a disposition for it.  Fightened at night in areas of my house … Prednisone (especially at high doses of 50 mg or more for extended periods … near hallucinations).  Upper jaw pain seems to correlate with withdrawal though it can flare up in other cases too.  The entire experience leaves one with a cloud of despair.

  • dory2005

    Hi Auhoss, I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough time with your asthma. I have severe persistent asthma as well, and I get the Nucala injections every month as well. I take Prednisone 25 mg (been on/off since I was a kid (over 30 years), but I've been on it daily for the past 2 1/2 years.) Advair (500/50), budesonide (neb 2x a day), Spiriva (2.5 mg), and levoalbuterol (every four hours in neb). I started Azithromycin in August as a prophylactic. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it has helped me. My pulmo says that I'm on maximal therapy, so keeping up with my PF and maintenance meds is really important. If my PF drops or I start having more breathing issues, I have an action plan that I follow, which really helps me stay on top of it.  I try to keep a positive attitude, but sometimes it can be difficult. I completely understand your frustration. I've developed quite a few health issues because of prednisone (steroid induced diabetes, hypertension, tachycardia, etc.), but it helps me breathe and function. When I do taper, I only taper down by 2.5 mg per week as tolerated.

    Please know that you aren't alone. There are quite a few of us who have similar issues, and this forum is a wonderful support system! 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Hi AUHOSS. You have so much to deal with each day. Please try and keep a good spirit. May God be with you. You have a large medicine regimen, so it seems like you have your ailments covered. I know that each medication can cause a chain reaction of more ailments and the side effects do the same .Take it all one day at a time. My medications cause me problems, but I need to breathe, so I take the bad a long with the good. I have not used Symbicort for several years, but its side effects are permanent. A former pulmo prescribed it, but never fully checked my situation. My finger and toenails will forever never grow right and will be split and bleed and cause pain. 

    Take care. We are here for you .

  • Deborah Bartlett

    This is a thumbnail picture I just took. I keep my hands impeccably clean. I also have eczema on my fingers. This was caused by Symbicort. 

  • Shea

    Side effects definitely suck! Deborah, that really stinks that the symbicort did that to your nails.

    I am personally angry at my old primary care doctor and the medication Singulair. Prior to having CSS or asthma, 8 or so years ago, I was dating a guy who owned 2 cats and a dog and would always have reactions at his house. I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do and he prescribed me singulair. It worked like magic at first– it was like I had never been allergic– I mean I used to be wheezing in 5 minutes, now I could pet cats. Crazy. I end up moving in with the guy and after a year living there I become pregnant and then weird symptoms of asthma (which I never had before) and needing to go to ER for breathing treatments and needing prednisone tapers and inhalers. I ask doc can this be my cat allergy coming back ir this singulair losing effect. After I give birth to a healthy baby boy and still very ill, doc says you should not live with cats and dogs. Guy/father of my son wont find homes for cats and dog and tells me and baby to leave. Jerk. I despise his being still. Anyways I move home with my parents, baby and I staying in small room and Guy comes and brings all these old clothes of mine covered in cat hair that I told him I didnt need and shoves them in baby and I's room. I have such bad attack, have to go to the ER, turns out I have a heart attack from allergic eosinophils surrounding my heart and choking it off. I was the only one working through my pregnancy fulltime and now had a baby, no home, and was in the hospital for 2 weeks getting high dose steroids and cytoxan (a chemo med) diagnosed with churg-strauss syndrome. Couldnt breastfeed anymore. Lost my job because they wanted me to work like a horse and now I couldnt (plus I had to care for my son).

    Doc in the ER says Singulair is a bad drug and more cases of churg-strauss are coming out and being tied to it but not enough to sue or for causation.

    It bother me that prior to tbe heart attack, All these docs– womens doc and primary care doc –never referred me to specialists or told me I had insanely high eosinophils.

    I have such little faith in people anymore. And meds.

    Anyways now I have my own place, pet-free, with my son and his father rarely stops by thank god, but I had a 5 year battle over him not being allowed to take our son into his home with cats and dog because my son was born with allergies and tested highly allergic to cat and dog dander — so we both had this hige allergy and Guy would not cone to terms with it even after docs and nedical records– i had to use all my resources to fight that battle while being broke and sick–and now if a dog even touches me I break out in rashes, so that has been a struggle socially — so many ppl have them and want to bring them everywhere.

    The best thing that came from it all is I was approved for disability and can stay home and care for my son fulltime. But it has been rough. And I just wish I would have been told "no, dont move into a home with pets you are allergic to". And I never would have , if singulair hasnt seemed to work so well but really was just blocking symptoms and causing a mass buildup of internal inflammation.  One day I am going to get better again and off prednisone– I dont care what anyone or anything or any website says. And I believe all of us have the capacity to. 


  • Deborah Bartlett

    Shea- I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. You are doing okay now, on your own. It is definitely best for you to stay away from cats and dogs, and for the hair and dander to stay out of your home and car. I have a huge problem with fragrance. When DH cones home and he has been around it I get sick. Bad asthma attacks. I bring the stuff home on my grocery bags. I hope you overcome all of this sometime soon. You deserve to have a life free of asthma, meds and stress. More power to you! 💪

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, Auhoss … it sounds like you have had a really, really frustrating and stressful time. I'm glad your immunologist is working with you to help address the infections.

    What are your thoughts on bronchial thermoplasty?

    Shea and Deborah and Dory, I hear you on prednisone and other medications and side effects. 

  • Pljohns

    Welcome Auhoss-I can totally understand your frustration-we are in Birmingham after spending most of my adult life in Madison.  It is a "bowl" for allergies.  Anything that gets into the bowl of the valley, never leaves.  I've been told that by many ENT's.  Thankfully I didn't have asthma when we lived there but developed it once we moved to Birmingham (incidentally, the air quality is worse here).  

    My DH had very similar sinus issues as you have described and had an ENT here do surgery-what he found once he was in there was that there was actually a malformed sinus cavity that made 2 cavities where there should have only been 1.  Once he cleaned out all of the years of infection and joined the 2 cavities, he has been sinus infection free for working on 3 years now.  So many ENT's want to do 'window' surgery and the ENT here feels that it is just not effective.  He also doesn't "pack" following surgery-said that is a breeding ground for the infections to start all over again.  

    I so hope you can find some relief and help.  I'm fortunate, even though I have severe uncontrolled persistant asthma and a list of drug allergies a mile long, aside from 2 month bursts, haven't had to be on prednisone for an extended period of time.  I hate it when I am on it and get off as quickly as I can.  Don't give up and know that we are here for you!

  • auhoss

    Thanks again to all that replied.  

     … I have my doubts about Bronchial Thermoplasty.  I went through the entire process at UAB getting approved and scheduling surgery before I backed out.  The doc could never give me concrete evidence it would help me.  He seemed more interested in pocketing the wad of cash for the surgery.  The early research I read on it was very sketchy.  So I will wait a bit longer.  Insurance companies now have it itemized so somebody must be pushing it hard.

  • K8sMom2002

    Auhoss, I can understand feeling a bit hesitant after having gone through so many procedures and treatments. 

    A friend of mine gave me a wonderfully helpful tool to talk with doctors about treatments and procedures: BRAND.

    B – Benefits – what are the benefits of this treatment or procedure?

    R – Risks – what are the risks of this treatment or procedure?

    A – Alternatives – what are the alternatives for this treatment or procedure?

    N – Nothing – what happens if we do nothing?

    D – Decision – what our doctor and we come to decide.

    That helps me figure out what's right for us and what we're comfortable with.

    A couple of resources to help you as you continue to think through the Bronchial Thermoplasty:

      BT isn't right for everyone … I think you're very smart to weigh the risks and benefits, and also to make sure that the doctor who is doing it has plenty of experience.

      Have you considered going to a top pulmonary hospital, even though it may be far away? Some of our members have traveled to places like in Denver. 

      Regardless of what is right for you, please know that you are NOT alone and that we're here for you. 

    • auhoss

      Oh I like that.  BRAND.  I usually ask those questions in probably a disorganized manner.  Thanks for links too.  My pulmo has mentioned BT last 2 visits (he is recommending UAB again).

    • K8sMom2002

      Having a memory device surely helps me!

      I've also found with both me and my daughter that getting a second opinion from a teaching hospital has helped us. Both of us are what I would call "zebras," (when docs hear hoof beats, for us, it's NOT horses but zebras). Having doctors who are used to seeing the less typical cases has helped us. 

      I think within a morning's drive from your section of Alabama, you'd have your pick of several teaching hospitals … UAB, Emory in Atlanta, and Vanderbilt in Tennessee. It never hurts to look into what's available, even if you decide that what you're doing is working for you.

    • auhoss

      Hi Cynthia,

      Relatively speaking, not too good last few weeks but better last few days.  Still struggling with an ongoing sinus infection that is rattling my asthma.  I have been to the ENT 6 times in last 3 months trying to beat it down to a bearable problem.The new issue found on last visit is what the ENT described as a polyp in my left nostril blocking and redirecting drainage.  He said it looks like a "semi-deflated white grape" so it is significant in size.  Apparently, when I was jacked up on 30 mg+ steroids it kept the polyp near completely deflated, but when I tapered down to 10 mg+ it started inflating and showed up on a routine check. 

      So I am now ramped back up on 30 mg+ steroids.  This will probably deflate the polyp again, but I am inclined to have it scoped and remove regardless.  Then my oral surgeon wants to poke around if I do go under anesthesia to get polyp scoped.  He thinks the cyst I had removed several years ago is starting to come back.

      It never ends.  The most depressing thing is my family wanted to travel internationally this upcoming summer.  Maybe England.  We have been to Ireland and France in recent years.  I had to tell them I can't because my stamina is at a rock bottom now due to the onslaught of drugs and infections on top of severe asthma.  They didn't react so bad but I know they are crushed.

      Thank you for asking.  We all need to all start sharing our meds / failures / strategies.  This kind of information just isn't published.  I suspect there are many people like me with near complete uncontrolled infections and severe asthma, with similar life changing decisions as the one I described above.


    • dory2005

      Auhoss, I completely understand the feeling of frustration with the major changes in life that occur with severe asthma. I ended up with pneumonia on our vacation last summer after not going anywhere for the past two years due to my asthma and hospitalizations. My department at work is scheduled to go to a conference next November, but I don't think it's feasible for me to go because it's 8 hours away, and my pulmo would have a cow if I traveled by plane especially that time of year. Too many variables that could lead to a potentially serious situation, and I'm just not comfortable putting myself through it. I know my limits, and unfortunately, my asthma is not stable enough for me to go. It's crazy because it was only four years ago that I was able to do pretty much what I wanted (within reason), and I thought my asthma was *bad* then. If only I realized how fortunate I was. Sending . You are not alone.

    • K8sMom2002

      Auhoss, how frustrating! I know you didn't want to disappoint your family. 

      Does your doctor think that by removing the polyp and checking to make sure the cyst is not growing back, it may help your asthma? It could be that tackling that part of your situation, you might feel up to traveling. 

      Dory, wow, flying in November … I can see how you and your doc would need to have a lot of discussion about that. Other members have managed to fly … but it takes careful planning. I'm hoping that by the time November rolls around, you're going to be much more stable. You're trying very hard to take care of yourself!

    • Melissa G

      Auhoss, thinking of you! How are you doing on the increased dose of steroids? When do you see the dr again?

    • auhoss

      Hi Melissa,

      As expected, my last ENT visit this past week resulted in the polyp of concern shrinking to a non-operable state.  I am now down to Prednisone 20 mg.  I fully expect the polyp to come back soon, perhaps when I drop to 10 mg.

      The ENT is at a loss.  He cannot operate on something that isn't there.  He also cannot control the sinus infections.  My lab for the last visit hasn't returned but I also fully expect it to indicate some form of infection.

      My asthma is primarily uncontrolled because my sinus infections are uncontrolled, and now I have had 2 different ENTs tell me "I do not know what else to do".  Standard antibiotic treatments just don't work for me.  I have tried them for years and the infections remain.

      Thanks for asking.


    • Kathy P

      Auhoss – chronic sinus issues are miserable. Have any of your doctors look at your immune system?

      I also have asthma issues related to chronic sinusitis. And my x-ray/CT never show much. After several rounds recently, my allergist decided to look at my immune system. It turns out that I can't fight the infection on my own. So what should be a mild infection to common bacteria, spirals unchecked. 

    • Melissa G

      Sending you lots of hugs Auhoss!  Kathy has great advice about having the dr's look at your immune system.