Hurricane check in

Is anyone in the direct line for the latest tropical storm/hurricane?  If so, I hope you are stocking and getting prepared.  Stay safe!

My MIL is in the direct path of it but contends that she is not leaving because the building she lives in is 200 years old and can stand anything.  She's NEVER ridden out anything and has no idea-I ask if she had non-perishable food and water-she got a few things last night but that was it.  UGH-I feel a call from DH coming to get her to come up here.  She will drive me nuts, but my contention is why take a chance if you are in the direct path and 85 years old and have a place that you can go for a few days-


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  • LK

    Lynn,  Yikes!  I agree with you!  Hope your MIL gets to a safe place!

    We in the midwest aren't in hurricane territory but we have been having a deluge in the past week and especially the past few days.  Just yesterday we got 4" and today so far at least the same amount and it's still raining and will until Wednesday!  Flash Flood Warnings and Flood Warnings are in effect all over the area.

  • Pljohns

    YIKES-be safe-people often don't realize how dangerous just water can be.  I"m sure the weather isn't helping your lungs either

  • Shea

    I was surprised its getting so strong up from a tropical storm yesterday to now a hurricane cat 1 and expected to grow. Where I am in Zephyrhills, FL we dont have any warnings but the gulf coast up to the pan handle has to watch this sneaky storm… It seemed to come outta no where. I already have stuff stocked at the beginning of each season but I filled my gas tank too just in case it makes a turn or something that I have a full tank of gas, although I doubt itll be much for us where I am at. I think the storm surge is what they are most concerned about.

  • Melissa G

    I hope everyone in the path is preparing and stays safe! 

    Here are some tips:  

    Don't forget to , there can be mold, pollen and dust to deal with. 

    And if you have to evacuate, take your  with you! 

  • K8sMom2002

    Sorry to be MIA, folks, but we ARE in the direct path of the storm. We have an 80-90% chance of Tropical Storm force winds, and a 30% chance of Cat I winds. Plus-plus, we will be on the dirty side of the storm. 

    All this, and we’re two hours from the ocean!

    I’ve been prepping all day, and thinking I should post something. Thanks, Lynn!

    I’m not sure what things will be like after Tuesday. I’m expecting no power for at least a couple of days. There’s really nowhere to evacuate to… this thing is marching through Georgia. 

    But, hey… I shaved my legs, sent DD for groceries and have all my floors mopped, so Michael ought to be a gentle rain cloud by tomorrow morning!

  • Pljohns

    Cynthia-I’ve thought about you all day.  Been trying to get MIL to come here-she’s in the direct path too being only about 20 mile NW of Tallahassee but she is determined to stay put.  She’s NEVER ridden anything like this out and is woefully unprepared but she will not even entertain the idea of coming here.  I hope you are OK and it doesn’t get as bad for you as they are saying.

  • K8sMom2002

    And Lynn, if I were 85, and had a place to book it, you can bet I would be heading out. 

    Saying prayers for your MIL. If she’s in Southwest Georgia, I’d be extremely worried. 

  • Pljohns

    We are-looks like the eye will go just to the west of her so she will be on the dirty side too-We’re about 5 hours north in b’ham and she could easily get here but refuses to come.  She lives in a 200year old building that has been converted to apartments so she just knows it will hold up against anything.  I’m worried to death about her

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh, Lynn. That is so frustrating and dangerous! What’s your DH say? Are there any shelters down her way?

  • Pljohns

    I”m sure there are but she won’t leave her apartment.  Dh and I have found over the years that she won’t do anything based on our opinion-she only listens to BIL and he’s never in touch with her to tell her what to do he lives in Houston-so until he tells her to leave, she won’t.  I talked to her tonight and she has 2 gallons of water, a flashlight and extra batteries and a battery pack for her phone and that’s about it.  She said she went to WM and got a few non perishable items to eat if she needed them but that’s it.  She lives in out outside wall apartment with no where to go-She did fill her car up with gas but then said the roads were too busy for her to leave (yet another recuse)

    Her brother and SiL live in a mobile home and they won’t leave either-and her other sister lives on the river, has dementia so bad she can’t even use the phone yet her kids don’t want to make her move from her house so she lives there alone.  I”m worried about them all-

  • Shea

    Lynn, I am worried about them all FOR you… especially your MIL.. I don't think 2 gallons is enough water even if the apt holds up to the wind as expected (we got hit by a cat 3 last year and power was out for 5 days, roads messy, so it should be 5 gallons for one person plus 5 days of food that you can snack on and a battery backup for phone and a fan– bc it's still really hot in fl) and because there is usually power outages and it's hard to leave after the storm with flooding and downed wires– you really want to be set for 5 days with no ac/power especially if alone because there were so many news stories from NC of older people alone who had no help for food and things for such a long time just stuck alone with rotting food smells in the fridge and it just did not sound fun at all. It is better to leave sooner than later and just avoid all that!!! Especially bc she has u guys to go to!

    Cynthia, I know you are prepared and have some distance from the coast, but I will be worried about you too with power/winds/flooding woes! Stay safe!

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, Lynn … that IS scary. Maybe your BIL will step in? 

    And it could be that she is under a mandatory evac order, and they'll convince her to leave. 

    I'm with Shea — two gallons of water in this heat is not nearly enough to survive a prolonged power outage. And since many shelf stable foods are loaded with salt, they make you even more thirsty.  Is she catching water in her tub?

    Just a heads-up — my internet provider is to the southwest of me, and it will be catching the worst of the winds early. So if I go radio silent, it may be because I've lost internet connection. I'll need to save my cellular data to last through the storm until I get power and internet again.

    But on the plus side, the winds estimation has eased up a bit. We're still expecting tropical storm force winds, but they will be on the low end of the scale, and we're not looking at a chance of Cat 1 winds. 

    That is … unless old Mike decides to explode into a Cat 4 or wiggles east. 

    I'll make sure I use some of my cellular data to check in here!

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Hugs to everyone in the path of Michael!!  Cynthia, so glad you guys are prepared…hoping that that means it will be a hiccup instead of a storm…often when I carry an umbrella, it never rains!

    PLJohns, is she in the mandatory evacuation zone?  If so, will that motivate her to go to a different place?

    Stay safe everyone!!


  • Pljohns

    Unfortunately she isn't but she is 14 miles NW of Tallahassee and the eye will pass just west of her so she will be on the dirty side of thing.

  • Melissa G

    Cynthia I surely hope you guys get don't get heavy winds! Please check in when you can tomorrow. 

    Lynn, uughh on your MIL! Has your BIL talked with her yet? Getting down to the wire now….

  • Pljohns

    BIL call DH last night to get his "opinion" and DH told she that MIL would do whatever he told her to but she wouldn't listen to anyone else.  

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Anyone and everyone!!! Be careful and stay safe, as always, please. A friend of mine lives in Green Cove Springs, Florida. She called me 2 hour a ago. It is pouring like mad and windy. Her cell phone cut out 5 times during the call. 


    FYI:::::: I was able to get my fly and pneumonia shots. It took my pharmacy manager 3 days to get through the insurance company's system. I went Sunday morning. Insurance covered 100%. The next day and early this morning I was feeling very ill. But I am doing better now. Made some broccoli rabe with ziti and sausage. 

    Hope all of you are feeling well this afternoon. Those within the storm's reach…I will be thinking of you. Take care, Debbie 🍁🍁

  • Pljohns

    Well-after i got a text from MIL that she would be on the east side of the storm but she wasn't leaving and if it was her time, then she was fine because she hasn't seen DH's dad in a long time (he passed just before we married 24 years ago).  TOTALLY freaked me out!  I sent it to DH and he sent it to BIL-both of them freaked out-long story short, BIL FINALLY called her and told her to pack and get out so she is headed my way-she'll be here sometime tonight.  I replied to her text that is sounded like she was staying just to pass and if that was it, I had no words but if that was the reason, then she was as crazy as her sister.  She didn't like that so she's coming up her already mad at me-it's going to be a long week but at least she's going to be safe.

  • LK

    Lynn,  I would have been at a loss for words on that one, too!!  Yikes!     I am glad she will be out of harms way and will pray that she will be polite while being your guest.  I applaud you for choosing the right words to get her to change her location!    Intended or not!    I think she is just mad that she had to change her mind and her plans and unfortunately won't be appreciative of everyone else's efforts to keep her safe.  

  • Melissa G
    LK posted:

    Lynn,  I would have been at a loss for words on that one, too!!  Yikes!     I am glad she will be out of harms way and will pray that she will be polite while being your guest.  I applaud you for choosing the right words to get her to change her location!    Intended or not!    I think she is just mad that she had to change her mind and her plans and unfortunately won't be appreciative of everyone else's efforts to keep her safe.  


    I really hope you are able to get some peace and quiet before your MIL get's to your home. 

    Debbie, glad to hear you were able to get your shots!! Yay!

  • Pljohns

    Well MIL is on her way up and is about an hour out.  As soon as i found out she was coming up, I called DS and told him to clean his room and tell dS#1 to vacuum upstairs and make sure the bathroom was clean. Bless their heart-the upstairs is spotless. Dh got off early and we got home at the same time-he took in dusting while I changed sheets on DS’ bed (I forgot to tell him to) and we both made sure everything else was clean.  It’s as good as it’s going to get-at least MIL will be out of harms way-

    Cynthia-hope you are safe and you miss the really bad stuff

    Anyone else in the path-please stay safe and I hope you don’t get hit with bad stuff.

  • Pljohns

    Thanks Melissa-going to need it (especially since that is one of those things I still can’t eat)

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, Lynn … sounds like you will have your own hurricane to contend with. But I’m so glad your BIL talked some sense into her!

    Deborah, so glad you got your flu shots! I need to get mine … after this storm!

    Our news keeps getting worse and worse. The cone has narrowed to a path right through us, and the storm is expected to be a Cat 4. We are looking at the possibility of nearly Cat 1 winds. 

    It’s coming in later than they originally thought, so it will begin to hit us between 2 pm and 8 pm. I’m glad they finally canceled DD’s classes tomorrow… the weatherman said we were at a high risk for early tornadoes from the outer bands. 

    The worst part of it coming later is that the peak winds will last through the night during the dark. I hate that.

    I’ve prepped:

    Meds gathered. 

    Important papers gathered. 

    Water collected. 

    Power and cell phone bills paid. 

    Food assembled. 

    Flashlights and batteries collected. 

    Devices charged.  (Well, most of them).

    We’ve showered and shaved, mopped and vacuumed… I’ve pulled down all the stray limbs I can reach. DH has taken off the trash and got ice. Our cars are full of gas.

    But I still don’t feel ready. Who can feel ready for this?

    I’ll check in when I can. 

  • Pljohns

    Cynthia-stay safe !

    MIL got here about 8 last night and once she saw what the weather channel was saying, I think she's glad to be here.

  • LK

    Cynthia,  Hope you and your family are safe!!    

    Lynn,  Glad your MIL is safe with you!!  Good for you and your family for taking care of her!!  

  • Shea

    Cynthia, I get ya on the worry and wondering, "did I do everything?" I guess its like preparing for camping for 5 days but more because you have to try to prepare for winds and move yard stuff in and if you are expecting really high winds, board up windows– I am glad you arent in the direct path, so you wont have to worry as much about super high winds and boarding up– but still cat 1 winds are strong and being weary of tornadoes too is anxiety-provoking so stay safe. You really have done an awesome job prepping! I cant think of much else besides having a little emergency cash in case power is out and u need it.

    Lynn, so glad you MIL left and is safe with you!!!

  • Pljohns

    Everyone stay safe!  the national weather service just said the hurricane wind is only 7 mph shy of a category 5 hurricane!

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Cynthia, did you also take pictures of your property (inside and outside your house)? I've heard that this can help with any post-Hurricane insurance claim paperwork.  Also, do you have a waterproof container you can put your important papers in? Perhaps a Zip lock bag will work? And, have you secured your windows?

    Here's a few more hurricane prep resources:

      • If you had a home inventory listing your possessions, and you kept it online or outside of your home, you’ll have a great head start when filing your claims. Otherwise, you may be able to piece together information that can help with your claim. Any photos you have of the rooms in your home can provide evidence to the insurer about items that were damaged. Also look for any receipts for valuable items. And take pictures after the hurricane but before removing debris so that you have some documentation that the items were damaged in the storm.

    Stay safe!!   


  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks, Brenda! I just told DD to go around and snap some photos of some of our stuff — hoping like heck we don't need to use them!

    I have our papers in a Tyvek envelope that's in a plastic grocery bag — didn't have a big enough ziptop bag to put them in since I collected:

    • our passports and birth certificates and marriage certificate and application for marriage license
    • our latest tax returns
    • DD's 504 plan and documentation
    • a statement from DD's college 529 plan and a savings account I have tucked away — figure I might need the account number and proof that it was me, yanno?

    In Georgia you need your birth certificate and your marriage license/certificate if you're a woman to apply for a driver's license. So I figure that should be enough to file for any sort of disaster assistance. 

    Winds are practically non-existent now. It is literally the calm before the storm. I can see why people many years ago were lulled into thinking nothing was wrong before being hit with a big "September gale" as my grandmother used to call them.

  • K8sMom2002

    Shea, we do have a little emergency stash. After seeing a massive series of tornadoes rip through a neighboring county some years ago, I realized that debit cards and credit cards don't do you a bit of good if you have no power. With the gas, the food and the cash, we ought to be able to batten down the hatches for a few days. 

    It just made landfall … and the wind is beginning to pick up here a bit.

  • Pljohns

    My MIL said all of Decatur county GA had no power and her CPA's office is directly behind her apartment and she had a text from her (they are good friends) that the transformer above their office expolded and caught some stuff on fire.  I think she's really glad to be here

  • K8sMom2002

    I am so glad she's there as well! My sister in a neighboring county to us under an actual Hurricane Warning … we are still under a Tropical Storm Warning … amazing what a few miles down the road will do for you. I've tried to get my sister to come here, but she is being stubborn. 

    Still pretty quiet here, but there are reports of tornadoes beginning to pop up in our region of Georgia. 

  • Pljohns

    My MIL just texted me and her neighbor that decided to ride it out just called her-their building is collapsing and part of it is gone.  the apartments are on the second floor and they can't get down the stairs-they are blocked-she is a basket case.  

  • Shea

    Oh my gosh. I am so scared for them.  I just heard the weatherman say go to a bathroom, preferably with no windows, get into a tub with a mattress pulled over you to protect from flying debris.

    I hope they can reach an emergency operator if the building seems like it's going to fall and they're trapped or if you can reach one on their behalf if yoy know the address. 

  • Melissa G

    Oh Lynn….that is heart breaking and scary! 

    Praying for everyone in Hurricane Michael's path.

  • Pljohns

    thank you all for the prayers-we don't know much yet-the 2 people that were trapped in the building got out about 8 last night and thankfully neither were hurt.  It looks like the roof was either blown off or caved in-not sure yet and not sure how much of her stuff was damaged/lost.  The landlord called her last night and reassured her that his insurance would cover everything and he would make sure it was repairs perfectly and anything she had that has any damage at all will be fixed/replaced.  It's a small comoplex-only 8 apartments and the building is owned by a family friend and they are good people.  

    Cynthia-I hope you all are OK!

    Anyone else in the path-stay safe!

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Lynn, What a great response from the landlord!!!  So glad she stayed with you guys and that whatever damage happened to the apt will be fixed/replaced. 

  • Melissa G

    Lynn, so thankful to hear that everyone was able to get out and they are ok. Very glad that your mil is with you. 

  • LK

    Lynn,  Good to hear that they got out of that building!  

  • Pljohns

    AFternoon update is that the city engineer told the landlord that everyone will have to move out, they will have to totally gut the building, repair the roof and then rebuild.  I guess int he next few days we will be going to GA (once the roads are open) to help her gather whatever belongings she has left.

  • LK

    That's good they were able to get the inspection so quickly. Hope work proceeds as rapidly.