How was your Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had my parents and sister (and her dh and ds's) over for lunch.  Even though we hosted, my mom did most of the cooking (we did less than half), so it wasn't a big deal to host.  After recovering from food coma #1, my crew enjoyed the leftovers for dinner…and food coma #2.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Any asthma or allergy issues?


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  • K8sMom2002

    I hear you, Jen! We had not one but two Thanksgiving Dinners — one on the day of, and another on Saturday. We're drowning in leftovers, and we all ate too much. 

    But it was a nice time all the way around!

  • Katie D

    We had a great time hosting…. I just forget how much work the clean-up can be!  We're still eating leftovers, but last night took a break and ordered pizza.

    We decided on a non-toxic fake tree (Balsam Hill) this year since my DH reacted to our real tree last year.  The tree went up two days ago and the smell is pretty bad.  I placed the air purifier right next to it on high hoping it will help.  It is a pretty expensive tree so if it doesn't go away it's going back.  I'm battling a slight headache from the smell.  

  • LK

    We had lots of relatives and lots of food!  Was a very nice day!  DH and I did all the set up and prepared all the food.  Really enjoy having everyone over and all the cooking but all the set up and clean up seems to wear us out more every year!  Not that we are getting older!

    I put most of the foods in slow cookers with liners - dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes (actually made them the day before – DH is great at mashing potatoes! ), corn pudding, apple cider.  Turkey goes in the roaster and dinner rolls in the oven.  Green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole in the oven. 

    Ate leftovers for days!  Still delicious!

    Seems I forgot to take my meds on schedule in the hustle and bustle of the day.  Will have to figure something out for the next holidays!

  • K8sMom2002

    Yikes, Katie! I hope the tree works out! We don't use real trees because of our asthma and allergies — DD's not allergic to Christmas trees, but they seem to be covered in grass pollen, which makes things tough on DD. But we do need to make sure our tree is properly packed up so that dust doesn't get into it.

    I haven't got our tree out … hmmm … I'll start a new thread about decorating now that the turkey is toast!

    @LK, sounds like you have some great shortcuts! Is there any way that next year you could start early and freeze foods ahead? For instance, at least prep the green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole and pop them into the freezer? I love the suggestion someone gave me of lining a Corning Ware dish with a slow cooker liner and then adding the food and tying it up with a twist tie. THEN you freeze it. After the food is frozen, you can pop out the food in the liner, and store it in your freezer — and put the Corning Ware dish back into service. Bonus — the food fits back into the dish for thawing, reheating and serving!

    As for meds … do you have a smart phone? Could you put a reminder on your phone to stop and take your meds? I do that. 

  • LK


    I like the ideas for freezing foods ahead of time!  Will definitely try that!  Thanks!

    Like the idea of using my phone to remind me to take my meds even more!

    Thank you!

    Hope everyone has recovered from all the festivities! 

  • Pljohns

    It was OK-my parents were up and it was tough to see my Mom struggle just to shuffle along-she can barely walk at all but they had a good time.  I cooked all day Thanksgiving day-then everyone got sick and the rest of the weekend was waiting on people that were sick or just didn't feel great and were fussing about everything.  I did get Mom out shopping Saturday (thankfully NOT Friday) and was really surprised to find the mall almost deserted (of course the instate rival football game was on) so we could shop.  she had a wonderful time and that's all that matters.  Finally finished left overs last night-

  • Jen

    So…with more holidays soon, what will people do differently for them?

  • Pljohns

    IF my MIL had decided to come, we would be doing the same thing-I'd do everything.  Both families live away and can't/won't bring anything with them so I end up with it all to do-and if it's MIL-she then complains that this isn't the way she normally cooks it or that doesn't look quite right-you get the picture.  Anyway, now that she's not coming-we do our big Christmas meal on Christmas eve-always have so I can enjoy Christmas too-and now I won't even have to get out of my jammies on Christmas day!  I can relax and enjoy doing nothing but what I want to for a change-

  • LK

    This Christmas our DD will be home for a week from halfway across the country!    We are really looking forward to seeing her!  Christmas is also my birthday and our grandson's!  Really looking forward to this year's Christmas!! 

  • K8sMom2002

    What an AWESOME Christmas and birthday present all rolled up into one! What all do you plan on doing to make the best of the time together?