How I tackle asthma daily!

I work in a doctor's office, wearing a mask to help combat the germs in the clinic. Getting sick means flare ups and doctor visits, with a potential of ER/Hospital visits.

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  • Pljohns

    I've learned to hold neb mouthpieces in my teeth and keep right on working!  People look at you like your nuts but it's what you have to do.

  • K8sMom2002

    HDollarhyde and PLJohns, I think it shows great tenacity that you don't give up and that you both work to help other people, despite your own health issues! It's amazing how many people we have on here who are in some sort of healthcare position. 

    HDollarhyde, how long have you been battling asthma?

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, and one more thing … have you entered that photo of you rocking your mask in ? You could win a cool prize pack — they're giving one prize pack away each week of Asthma Awareness Month!

    PLJohns, what about you submitting a photo as well? 

  • Pljohns

    OK-I'll bite and give everyone a laugh-I have a picture of myself in the mask-how and where do I post it.  And I'll go ahead and tell you-DH says I am one woman not to be messed with-not only do I look bad in the mask, I pack heat and I'm a black belt.  If you mess with me and you are within arms reach-and I can breathe-I can take care of things and if I can't, Ihave 17 rounds that can.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, that's too funny!

    Here's the official page - . You can do it in a number of different ways — via social media apps or uploading it directly to our . 

    If you're on desktop, on the album page, click post (like you do when you start a new topic), then file, and it will ask you which file you want to upload. On mobile, you'll click on the three horizontal bars for the menu, then choose post, then choose file. That's it! 

  • Jen

    Hi hdollarhyde,

    Welcome to our asthma support forums.  Love the pic!

  • Pljohns

    Ok-well, I wore the "invisible disabilities" shirt that I had made to work today and I've already had 3 people ask me about it and what my disability was.  it was tough but I told them.  One lady walked up while I was doing a neb and started asking questions about my asthma-she must have an asthmatic because she just assumed I was one too. 

  • Kathy P

    Pljohns have you seen our new Asthma Warrior t-shirt in the online store –  

  • K8sMom2002

    , PLJohns! One thing that I've found that makes tough conversations easier is if I know what I plan to say. I'm determined to include more from resources like AAFA's  … who knows? It might really help someone get the care they need!

    In the past when I've mentioned that I always have an inhaler and I always make sure DD has an inhaler, sometimes a person says, "You mean you ALWAYS? I didn't realize I needed to do that …"

    Edited to update the link — I mis-remembered where I got the helpful info! – CRR – 05/19/2017

  • Jen

    @hdollarhyde - What else do you do to try to prevent asthma flares?

  • K8sMom2002

    @hdollarhyde, are you still wearing the mask daily in your office? Or do you just wear it during peak cold and flu season?