How has your kiddo’s asthma management changed over the years?

So today my daughter had her last well-check-up with her pediatrician, the doctor who first diagnosed her with asthma. Over the years, we've gone from mommy and toddler tears in the doctor's office as I held a breathing mask to her mouth to a confident teen who understands her asthma action plan.

But it's not always been a level path. Things have changed, challenges have surfaced, advice has shifted … plus there was school to deal with and medications and everything else to juggle.

There have also been GOOD things that happened as well – improvements in inhalers, seeing my daughter "get" why she needed to manage her triggers, seeing asthma cast less of a shadow over her life.

What has changed about your kiddo's asthma over the years? What were the toughest years? What were the bright spots?


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  • Melissa G

    Bekah was little was she was diagnosed. We were very fortunate that her pediatrician and allergist were very aggressive with the treatment. It was really tough when she was a toddler. Once she was switched from Flovent to Advair, she has only been on steroids once for her asthma.