How do you stay cool on the really hot days?

Initially, our weather forecast for the weekend was calling for temps of 100+.  Now looks like low to mid 90's.  Still…that's really hot!  I think we'll be doing a lot of staying indoors until early evening.  I usually wait til then to hit the pool anyway bc it's less crowded.  My middle 2 have lacrosse tryouts (on turf – so at least 10 degrees hotter!) Sunday morning.  While I'd rather not get up so early, I'm thankful that it's in the morning so we can avoid the heat.

Anyone else looking at really hot weather in the forecast for their area? How do you plan to stay cool?  What's your plan for managing your asthma in this weather?


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  • Anne P

    We don't go out in the hottest part of the day, but that's because of the risk of sunburn.  We walk our dogs early in the morning before it's too hot for the dogs and go to an indoor pool.  

    We go to outdoor pools after 4 PM, when the risk of sunburn is slightly lower.  The kids ride their bikes in the evening, after the sun is lower.


  • Kathy P

    We were just on the east coast and mainly stayed in the AC whenever possible!

    We are not back home on the left coast. We are by the bay, so it doesn't get super hot. We don't even have AC in the house! This can be an issue, not bc of the heat, but bc we always have the windows open and the ceiling fans on….ya know, blowing around all the dust and pollen!

    My allergies are a bit tweaked today bc the gardeners were trimming some shrubs yesterday. And of course blowing everything around! I hate those leaf blowers! I was going to bike to the closer farmer's market, but I think I'll drive instead.

  • Jen

    Been 100+ heat index since Saturday.  For the most part, we have done the same as Anne – spending time indoors during the middle of the day.  Looks like the weather is supposed to gradually get better as the week goes on.