How do you handle running your household and other day to day things with your asthma?

I know there are good days and bad days with asthma.  How do you handle things that you need to do (besides work, we have a thread about )?  Do you have to make modifications to be sure you don't flare your asthma?  

What about when your asthma is flaring?  How do you manage to get things done?


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  • K8sMom2002

    It's funny, Jen … I find that my timetable revolves a lot around what works for my asthma.

    For instance, we don't vacuum in the later afternoons or evenings at our house, because it seems to stir up dust and allergens and make nights miserable, even with a HEPA filter bag on our vacuum. I'm wondering if an air purifier or air cleaner might help us with that — help clean out some of the big particles that vacuuming seems to stir up. 

    I'm interested in other little things people do.

  • Pljohns

    I know this is  a super old thread but seemed like a good one to revisit with allergy season upon us again-the last thing I had to complete at my old job was the total buildout of a 6800sq ft clinic-then had to work in the new fumes of carpet, tile, paint, glue, counters-you name it-plastic-anyway, I purchased an air purifier with a HEPA and a carbon activiated filter for my office.  It was rated for like 1500 sq ft and my office was TINY so I know it was overkill but I was able to take it with me when I left.  Anyway, not only did it take care of the stuff floating around, but there was not one singe hint of a fume of anything in my office.  It cost like $120 from Amazon and came with 4 extra filters.  Not a bad investment to keep my asthma settled down.

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, this is very encouraging to me. I use an air filter on my HVAC that has the stamp of approval from the the , but of course that only works when the HVAC is going. I also have a vac that is certified by the same program. However, I still hesitate to vacuum late in the afternoon.

    I'm thinking we need to invest in an air cleaner that will help clean the air out of DD's room as well as the master bedroom when we vacuum. That way I could vacuum at any time of the day that I had a chance.

  • Pljohns

    Yes-on and off-but super glad I have it.  I will be moving into a newly constructed clinic med-May so I can take it with me and not worry about the fumes!  I've used it at home several times since i changed jobs (when I had guests that didn't care how much perfume they used) and it REALLY helped-got the smell out almost immediately.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, wow, that sounds like a great air filter/cleaner! (And very thoughtless guests! ) 

    How heavy is it to move?

  • Pljohns

    Super light and has a remote and is virtually silent-it's about 30" tall, 8" deep and 12" wide but is super light.  I've turned it on after I've cooked something with a smell or cut an onion and within 5 min, no smell at all (and I'm talking fish, something burned-stuff like that).

  • K8sMom2002

    Tee-hee — you mean, I could hide the evidence of my supper having suffered the agony of incineration due to multi-tasking?

    My DH teases me that how he knows how supper is done is that the smoke alarm goes off.

    I'm not THAT bad. 

  • Pljohns

    Yep-mine was the outcome of multitasking too-I try not to do that but sometimes it just happens.  With strong smells being a trigger for me, this thing has been a God send to get rid of them.  One of the reviews said they found when it was in the room with someone with gas issues, as soon as someone broke wind, it switched to high automatically-I about died laughing at that one but it does!  With 3 guys in the house-that seems to be a source of pride so the air filter goes into over drive A LOT.

  • K8sMom2002

    It must be something to do with southern guys, PLJohns … I mean, REALLY? Do our guys never progress beyond age 10??

  • Pljohns

    I don't think they EVER progress beyond age 10-or if they do, I haven't found it.  At least we can be good test beds for products claims with kids1

  • Pljohns

    The one I have is a Winix true HEPA with plasma wave and charcoal activated filters from Amazon-like $150 and it came with 4 replacement filters.

  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks for the recommendation! Clean air is always a good start. Speaking of multi-tasking while cooking and juggling lots of balls along with asthma, what are some of your favorite shortcuts for meal prep? I think you mentioned that you have to cook from scratch a lot?

  • Pljohns

    I plan my menu a month out so when I grocery shop, I know what I need.  I update a note in my phone over the weekend with the next weeks menu so in the morning I can look at my phone for what I'm cooking and not have to turn on the ipad.  

    I always keep frozen vegi's that are cooked fast and when the fresh ones start coming in, I keep those.  I always put the meat out to thaw before I leave in the morning and if its something in the crock pot, it obviously gets started before I leave.If there is any cutting/dicing vegi's or marinating meat, I try to get that started as well before I leave.  

    My oven has a delayed start timer on it so if I am making something in the oven, I have it come on and preheat before I get home.  I have been known to grill meat at 5:30 in the morning before work if i'm going to be late.  I'll wrap it and put it in the oven and then DH just has to warm it back up.

    Things like pasta sauce, I make in batches and freeze in individual sizes so all I have to do is thaw it and we make the pasta on weekends so it is ready too.  I have a bread maker so I can put it on at night to keep us in bread.

    It takes some doing, but it's just the way it is for DH's health.  He can only have 500mg sodium a day-and that's like 2 pieces of bread-so I make everything.

  • GigiGibson

    You are rocking it girl. I had a melt down outside of Walmart the other day because I didn't have it together ffor my food and the family and I couldn't stand another moment to go back to the store. My legs are so weak.

    i am having a really hard time. I'm going to try to plan out meals and list to coordinate for three days at a time and send electronically and print so hubby and son can coordinate and cook. I've decided to stay on the anti inflammatory diet a while and see if it helps. It's been around 30 days, tomorrow I think… anyway, I have this abdominal fat going on and I bloat when I stray which impedes my breathing and my legs are jelly on prednisone so I can't exercise lower body so geees. 

    I gained back two pounds so I'm still only four pounds above notmal but it's all right on my belly. I can't wear a lot of stuff. 

    Housework just is being done when hubby can do it. Mom is visiting but said all she got done was a nap and vacuuming . I hate being dependent so very much. Hubby has stepped up but my gosh he already runs a business. I did get good news that my endocrine consult will be the 13th vs the 27th!!!! Yay!!!

  • Pljohns

    gigigibson-hang in there-you're going through  really tough spot but hang in there-it WILL get better. 

  • Jen

    pljohns – Those are some great tips!  Thanks for sharing.  I will have to see if my oven has the delayed timer for preheating.  That could prove very useful for those times when I'm running kids here and there and don't have much time for dinner prep.

    Gigi – Hugs~  I am glad they are there to help.  Happy to hear the consult got moved up a bit.

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, I hear you about that tummy roll — I have that same. exact. problem. Every bit of weight I gain, it's right there. Now why can't it be in more desirable spots?

    One app I really love is the Mealboard App — and it allows you to generate a grocery list based on your menu. Takes a bit of setting up, but it's worth it!

    PLJohns, that is so absolutely cool about the delay timer on the oven. I've seen those, and I've wondered, "Now, you can't leave raw meat or food in the oven all day, so what's the point of the delay timer?" But you've just sold me! 

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, Gigi, I neglected to mention the main point of MealBoard — you can email the grocery list easy-peasy to anyone — likewise any recipes you have in there, and you can import recipes from dozens of recipe sites on the web — all right from your phone.

  • Pljohns

    Actually I do occasionally put my meat (still frozen) in there and it thaws in the pot and then cooks.  I have done roasts like this for years-put the frozen roast in the roaster pan, put in the seasonings etc, add enough water that you know it won't stick and burn and remember that as it thaws, there will be some more liquid and set the timer and temp and let it go.  My oven has a delayed start and a stop time so I can set it to come on at like 3 and turn off at 6-then if I'm running late, it won't keep cooking and burn!  I figure there is no diffference in thawing something like this verses thawing it sitting in the sink!  It's nice to come home to the smell of a roast cooking.  All I do is fix sides to go with it.  I have never warmed up to the idea of veggies sitting on raw meat all day so I don't add the vegi's.  My oven isn't fancy at all-it was the cheapest one I could get delivered in the shortest amount of time when my old one died 6 years ago.

    I must admit-I do love it-it is dual fuel-top of the stove is gas and oven is electric.  At least when the power goes off I can still cook vegis and stuff on the top and put meat on the grill.  The house had that type when we moved in but the stove was a piece of junk.  It lasted 4 years and died and all I cared about was getting one FAST.

  • Kathy P

    That's a cool feature. I think my oven has that, but I've never used it. I tend to use my slow cooker. 

  • Mandy

    My next oven will have that feature! It sounds awesome. So I'll let you know in another 5-10 years…my husband has a way of fixing everything. 

    Gigi, I'm glad the endo consult got pushed up. Hopefully, they will have some ideas. I've been reading lots about the inflam diet and autoimmune diseases. Most of the stuff (from pharmacists/dieticians) says stick with it 3 months. I wonder if that's why I didn't see the miraculous effects of the diet?? I did a variation a year ago and then the year prior but I don't think I did it long enough. When my asthma is bad, I find planning a head and utilizing lists/emails helps. I still struggle with asking for help but it is getting easier (almost 3 years later). My house is quite fond of its dust bunnies and there is a load of laundry I've washed 2 times already…but I seriously couldn't be bothered to walk up and down my nemesis (my stairs). Laundry = SOB and Ventolin…my bed is more appealing.

  • GigiGibson

    Just had a cheat at bob Evans and enjoyed a brocolli, mushroom and onion omelet. No cheese. Aside from egg I had sourdough toast with butter, bad girl but omg it was good. 

    Lors of knee problems since predawn. I was up and down the stairs like 6+ times last night working on a project so I feel ya Mandy. Grrr. Thankfully I only have to use them to get to my art room. Taking Motrin every few hours and breathing is pretty calm so it's ok. Just can't do anything. Hubby did drive me to raleigh to a bridal shower. At least I made an appearance if only for half hour. Thankfully it was my work buddy and she understands, she told me she knew I wasn't doing well yesterday. I guess it shows more than I think. 

    Back on the saddle for my diet. I had been craving eggs. Did it, done. 

    Going home to sit on my keister again. I hate the sedentary lifestyle but I'm living so I'll shut up. Maybe it's Redbox time. I got me some truly sparkling too and they dont set me off so I'll have a bevvie this evening. 

    Yall be good 

  • GigiGibson

    Had the grand lady  awhile so we talked about bugs and ants and plants and watched the goldfish outside while then watched finding dory and the bee movie. Both cute, not what I planned but cute. 

    Then I ran across terry wahl and the AIP paleo and I'm going to incorporate bone broth and fish into my diet for sure. It's no miracle but it seems to be sound and sensible to be as healthy and strong as I can be. I'm still holding on to my nuts. Lol. I just can't let them go yet.

  • K8sMom2002

    Mandy, I hear you on the laundry! My dryer is currently broken right now. So we are having to hang clothes to dry INDOORS because the pollen is so bad outside. It means that things are drying so very slowly. And I don't have a lot of indoor-clothes line space, either. 

    I have an indoor line in my utility room, but it's not very long, so not much capacity. And we are hanging shirts, etc., on hangers on our shower curtain rod in the bathroom. 

    I ordered the part, but it won't be here until the 17th. 

    Gigi, I love how little kids are so naturally inquisitive and have curiosity about the world around them — I feel like as they get older, many kids lose that. I hope the grandlady keeps enjoying bugs and plants and ants!  And I hope that knee gets better!