How do you handle Barbecues and Parties?

It is that time of year, barbecues and parties! 

What do you do too keep your asthma in check while attending all of these social functions?


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  • Shea

    Good topic Melissa.

    A lot of times when I go to events I end up being exposed to some triggers for my asthma/allergies/CSS. I have learned the hard way to make sure to bring my portable nebulizer on top of my inhalers (for big asthma attacks the neb is the only thing that works) and not to be outside near smokey fireworks (especially sparklers– it used to be the least scary firework to me but now is the worst) or smoky grills. Also if I know someone has cats at home I will try to sit across from them instead of next to them (cat dander is especially sticky to clothes/belongings whereas dog dander is lighter and blows around more easily– both can be troublesone in different situations. I wear clothes that are more slippery (like a swimsuit-y material vs something lime wool that allergens might stick more to). 

    If I host events then I typically make them outdoor so that dander isn't carried into the home as much (I keep bathrooms open obviously) or if I know there are no dog/cat owners then it can be indoor. 

    I faired pretty well yesterday at my parents house (they hosted a taco/game night and one person had 3 cats at home and I didnt know until more into the evening and was sitting next to them but a few inhaler puffs kept me in the good so there wasn't enough secondhand dander on them to set off a bad asthma attack for me at this event.) I worry when I am lower on prednisone that my body will be more sensitive to allergens (that is typically the case–my brother has cats at his house and although I never go to his house when he has been at events in the past it has caused me to have to go up on prednisone). I am trying to pay attention to what I can do to prevent that, especially as I plan on trying to slowly taper a little after I get all my initial doctors appointments in– and I think proximity, my clothing, and having my mask– as well as having my portable neb, are tools that are going to help me as I lower on prednisone. 

  • Melissa G

    Shea, that is a very good strategy to have! That's great you did well at your parents. A taco/game night sounds like a lot of fun! 

  • Melissa G

    Here is a great resource for people out celebrating today:

     , it may not be July 4th, but the possible triggers are the same. 
  • LK

    For the most part, I try to avoid functions such as outdoor cookouts or bonfires that produce my asthma triggers.  Even when DH does some outdoor grilling and there is not enough of a breeze blow the grill smoke away, the smell of the smoke on him gets to me.  

    Melissa, That is a good article.  It mentions fireworks.

    I find that when our neighbors shoot off fireworks (fireworks are illegal in our county) that the smell of them hangs in the air for a few days afterwards if there is not a rain or strong breeze.  Besides that, the fireworks spooks the horses.  I don't need a terrified horse getting hurt from running through fence and getting out on the roadways. 

    On occasion I have called the sheriff's dispatch number to report a few neighbors who were shooting off a lot of fireworks late into the night.  When we first moved here over 20 years ago, most everyone did a few little fireworks, us included, and only on the Fourth of July.  Lately several neighbors shoot off fireworks whenever they have a gathering at their houses – graduations, Memorial Day, Lunar Eclipses, you name it.  They shoot off the booming ones that shake the rafters.  That's getting to be ridiculous!!  

  • Marie E Natzke

    We have a neighbor that had his grill near our window. So sometimes when the wind blows it blows towards us. So then we have to close the Windows sometimes even the air conditioning will draw it into the house. my sister talked with him so he moved it a little further into his yard but still it can get smokey

  • Pljohns

    I'm lucky so far-grill smoke doesn't set me off (good thing since I'm the griller in the family).  I haven't been around fireworks smoke in years so I don't know if it would bother me or not.  As far as a crowd/gathering-I just have to avoid those with awful lotion/perfume on.  the hard thing is sunscreen sets me off-I use unscented sunscreen but most people don't and this time of year, it's hard to be around people who use sunscreen.

  • Melissa G

    Lynn, I never realized how "potent" sunscreen was until we switched to unscented and then was with a group of friends and they were using "regular" sunscreen. Wow! What a difference.