How do I encourage them to stay clean at work?

I want to write my manager an email asking him to have a training for our staff on proper hygiene during sick season and to hang CDC workplace posters in our breakroom?  I have writers block. Can anyone get me started on the right way to go about this?



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  • Jen

    Hi @Renee T,

    I like your idea of approaching your workplace about proper hygiene.  Has your boss been approachable about other issues in the past?

    I know some of our other members have worked with their managers to make changes at work.  @Pljohns might have some ideas for you.

  • K8sMom2002

    How about sharing with him something that is already written …

    And you can also share CDC information about both the and .

    Could you start out the email or the conversation by focusing on the positive?

    "Hey, I know it's important for us to be at work as much as possible because it's so hard when we all get sick. I've been reading some tips on how to prevent colds and flu. Do you think you could share these tips with our team? I know they respect you and listen to you, and it will carry more weight from you than from me."

  • Pljohns

    Renee T,

    Thankfully I have a wonderful boss that made a lot of changes without me having to ask.  Not so much in the past-I left a job after 5 years because of a boss refusing to make accommodations even though the accommodations had been approved by corp HR/employee health.   As for your current situation, I would start off with just a reminder that flu season is just around the corner and every year flu kills thousands of people and causes many more to be hospitalized.  I would say something about "in the best interest of  protecting ourselves and avoiding spreading gerrms, missing days from work and ensuring we remain at our top performance, would he/she consider having some training on hygiene during this particularly vulnerable time of the year and also possibly hanging the CDC posters to remind everyone after the training.  I would word it more toward the good of the company and steer clear of the "it's more that I don't want to get sick" type of thing-if you can give valid points about the benefits to the company (less missed days from work, being able to keep work current etc) they might be more inclined to go for it.

    I think it's a great idea!!!