How Can You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality? Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Cleaner Giveaway

We hear a lot about air pollution, but might not think about our indoor air quality. October is National Indoor Air Quality Month. 

Studies show that poor outdoor air quality can worsen asthma and allergies. This news may make you think you need to stay indoors to avoid . But your may actually be worse than the outdoor air.

Proper asthma and allergy management involves more than taking your medicines. You also have to think about the quality of the air where you spend your time. You may have heard that you should reduce the allergens in your home. That’s a great start. But that’s only a part of what it takes to create healthy indoor air. 

Did you know we spend about 1/3 of our lives in our bedrooms? Your bedroom may be full of allergens, asthma triggers, scents and chemicals. What about your living room and kitchen? Where can allergens and asthma triggers hide there? Learn more in AAFA's Breathe Easier: Indoor Air Quality blog series:

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    • Elena Meluso

      Right now the biggest thing I do is also vacuum, I'd love to own an air purifier!  I have not been able to invest in one yet.  I have pollen allergies and also sensitive to some local trees to my area.  This is not regarding air but I have tried to consume local honey to help with my allergies.

    • Lemon Harris

      In my kitchen its tough!  I struggle with this!  An air purifier would be perfect for it but don't have one.  

    • Vik

      At 65 years of age, I have developed asthma. I am learning how to reduce my triggers (dust mites!).  I've invested in the mattress and pillow covers.  I am replacing floor coverings (area rugs $$) and reducing contact with dust mites using sprays to kill the built up source.  I'd like to learn more about air quality indoors and how this may influence asthma maintenance.  It's the beginning of what appears to be a life long journey and costly.  Thank you for the chance to be included in this promotional chance.  Vik

    • LK

      We recently replaced the carpet in our bedrooms with hardwood flooring.  My asthma is usually bothersome in the mornings but having hardwood has helped.

      We actually stayed somewhere else while the old carpets and pads were pulled up.  Figured the air would be full of who-knows-what when all that was removed and hauled away.  I also stayed away as much as possible while the new floors were installed (because of the sanding dust) and sealed (since I have trouble with strong scents).

      We try to keep clothes that are worn working outdoors out of the bedrooms.  I also shower and wash my hair after I come inside for the last time in the evening.  We have horses to take care of so we are working outdoors several times each day.

      Recently put an air cleaner in one of our bedrooms.  It has improved the quality of my sleep - once the new machine smell wore off! (As I said, strong scents are one of my triggers.)

      Only been dealing with asthma for five years and I'm in my mid 50's, so still figuring out how to deal with it.

      Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions! 


    • Greiviony

      I guess letting more natural light to enter your house can also improve inside air quality. Here is an interesting blog on .

    • Natalie Connelly

      We are currently renting and the house has carpet everywhere. So we get it cleaned every 3 months by Stanley steamer to cut down on the allergens. My son has asthma and a airway defect so we try and keep the whole house clean. A air purifier would make a huge difference. We have our guest take off their shoes before entering our home. We got rid of all candles and air freshners. We also vacuum once a day or mom with our hepa filter vacuum. We are slowly changing out our furniture. When we were told that our son had asthma we researched all we could to make our home environment easier for him. 

    • Kathy P

      Welcome @Natalie Connelly @LK and @Vik - and thank you for your great comments about how you improve your indoor air quality. To enter the giveaway for the certified asthma & allergy friendly® Dyson Pure Cool™ Link air cleaner, please add your comment to one of the blogs:

        I'd also like to welcome @Elena Meluso @Lemon Harris and @Greiviony!

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      • K8sMom2002

        Welcome, and hi! These are great ideas, and I hope all of you guys have entered them as comments on the blogs — and are voting up the best ones! 

      • Renee T

        I am a teacher at a daycare and I'd love to have one of these for my classroom, I think it would help filter the air for all of my amazing toddler. 2 of our classrooms are connected (albeit separated) but this would help 8 little kiddos breathe better air year-round!  We share a kitchen and we try to help our kids by sanitizing very carefully to help the spread of germs. One of these purifiers would help us go further with our health and safety in the classroom!

      • Kathy P

        Welcome @Renee T! What a great way to use an air cleaner!

        To enter the giveaway for the certified asthma & allergy friendly® Dyson Pure Cool™ Link air cleaner, please add your comment to one of the blogs:

        • broussakis

          We took out all the carpets throughout the house and installed a house vaccuum, with attachments in each room. Previously, the vaccuum would actually make our allergies flare when it would kick up all the dust etc. 

        • ChronicDame

          I live in a condo/apartment building and it has carpet, which I vacuum every other day and have cleaned every six months. I open the windows whenever possible, clean with nontoxic no scent cleaners, dust every third day, and have a small air purifier in my bedroom for when I sleep. Some days I have to bring it into the living room during the day. In the winter I use a cool air humidifier that helps a lot. Keeping up with cleaning and replacing filters can be exhausting but it makes a huge difference in the quality of my health. 

        • Jen

          @ChronicDame Those are some great tips!  Be sure to share them on the individual blogs to enter the contest:

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        • BeachButterfly

          I vacuum regular with an allergen vacuum. Have a family member dust as often as I can get them too. Now reading this I will start to find more hypo pillows.

        • FreeSpririt

          Hardwood Floors, leather furniture, Hepa seal tight vacuum for area rug and hard wood floors.  Put throw pillows in dryer weekly.  Also wash all bedding weekly.  Run a small room air purifier in bedroom, but nothing in great room area.  Been sick with bronchitis going on 2 weeks due to COPD and allergies.  Could really use another air filter for living room area!


        • Jen

          @BeachButterfly and @FreeSpririt - Welcome to AAFA's support community.  Freespirit – I see that you have already entered our contest.  Thanks for sharing your tips!

          Beach Butterfly – Those are some good tips.  Be sure to share them in our blogs to be entered to win a Dyson air cleaner.  Share specific tips for improving indoor air quality in different rooms of your house:

        • gigi

          i used to control my asthma and allergies by having hard floors, plain/no window treatment ( shades only). leather furniture. casing for mattress, wash linen and pillows weekly. in addition. too two window filters for the pollen season.

          household chores: dusting wear mask when dusting, natural cleansers,microfiber clothes. vacuum with HEPA filter machine- floors twice weekly

          now, for the  second hand smoke, i wear facial mask, because- i don't have air purifier, that is recommend. As for, pets.. don't have them.

          For eczema- i use goat's milk and superfatted soaps.  for the winter months olive oil, honey  soaps. no, not dove. it still irritates my skin.

          kitchen/ bathroom: have window exhaust fans with filter operating 24/7/365.



        • Mamaword

          I wash throw rugs weekly and drapes once a month. My challenge is where you I live I have carpet and can’t renove it. We vacuum often 

        • K8sMom2002

          Great tips, guys — if you haven't already, be sure to share them in our blogs to be entered to win a Dyson air cleaner.  Share specific tips for improving indoor air quality in different rooms of your house:

          And be sure to "like" your favorite tips – the likes are the way the winner is chosen!

        • gigi

          hi mamword,

          thanks for the suggestion, but i reside in a rental apt. curtains vs shades and carpet/ area rugs vs. hard wood floors. both, of my items are  low maintenance.

        • Kathy P

          I love reading all the tips everyone is sharing on the different blogs! Don't forget to vote by liking your favorite tips.

            I just realized I have a huge issue in my kitchen that I need to figure out how to deal with – the compost bin!

            Our waste management recently switched over to composting and gave every household a kitchen bin. That gets emptied into the larger yard waste/compost toter that gets put out for collection. But now I have rotting vegetation in my kitchen! Molds are one of my asthma triggers. I realized it was an issue when I started coughing one day right after I opened the lid to start tossing stuff into while I was prepping dinner. I guess I need to empty it more often. The toter is outside in the backyard, so not really convenient. Ugh!

          • Jen

            The giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight.  Don't forget to enter!