How are you preparing for Easter and/or Passover this year?

Who's ready for Easter/Passover this year? Who will be having a big family gathering? Who will be traveling?

Our family has to manage not just asthma but food allergies, too, and usually I do better job of preparing for a holiday. But this year I've let Easter sneak up on us. 

I do have a safe ham bought — it's in the freezer, waiting for Easter. But where will we eat that ham? And when? 

I need to get with my stepmom and my sister and iron out these things. The good part is that none our family tends to douse themselves in perfumes and cologne and only one uncle smokes — most likely he won't be there. 

What challenges will you have to figure out for your holiday this year?


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  • Jen

    I did all of the shopping last  week for the kids' baskets and egg hunt.  What we're having for dinner?  No clue.  Usually dh is the one in charge of that.  

  • K8sMom2002

    Ha! If I left DH in charge of a holiday meal … 

    We are now the proud possessors of not one but TWO hams. I failed to tell my sister that we had a ham, so she bought a ham as well.  

    And we still have no clue where we'll be eating.

  • Shea

    Everyone in my family eats different things. I am OK with that. Because I know that my system is especially sensitive.. I have had major intestinal surgery in the past, and I have food allergies, and I try to eat low inflammation foods. My 5 year old is a picky eater and has food allergies. My sister is a vegetarian. My older brother is hard-core carnivore, his wife is vegan, my mom is allergic to eggs… its all craziness. But I just roll with it. I am making bacon-wrapped jalepeno/bell pepper poppers (using nitrite-free bacon and low fat cream cheese), and some I will make just with no bacon, some with jalepenos and some with bell peppers to give different levels of spice, so it should make them edible to everyone and usually everyone loves them) for brunch, and we will have chocolates (nut-free) and hardboiled eggs (none for mom) from easter baskets around as well, and some fresh fruit and muffins. We will have it at my mom and dad's house on their patio (they have no pets so dander in the home is no problem) but I have reactions to what is on people's clothes too, and my brother and his wife who own cats will be there, so I am glad it will be outside mostly, as I will have better ventilation out there. 

  • Jen

    k8smom – Luckily dh doesn't mind some meal planning (he often covers the weekends and I take of the week) or cooking.  He is out now with dd's 1 and 2 running errands.  They are stopping by the grocery store while they're out.  DD2 has said she wants chicken wings and dd3 said something about shrimp and corn.  Beyond that, who knows?  For dessert, if they don't get anything there, we have a some cake mixes and brownie mixes here.

    As for 2 hams, can you cook both and then freeze one?  Or freeze one to start?  That reminds me…we have a ham steak in the freezer.  That may end up on Sunday's buffet.  

    Shea – Sounds great!  What time should I show up?

  • Shea

    Jen, you have the best and most practical solutions.. I second that: Freezing one of the hams ( k8smom ). Or … You could have a ham contest! (That solution is much less practical and involve eating two hams). Ooh and make green easter eggs… Green eggs and ham. 

  • Jen

    If you celebrate, I hope you had a great Easter and that Passover went well.