How are you handling the heat and humidity?

The heat and humidity have settled in! At times it is like getting smacked in the face when I open the front door. 

Between the heat and humidity, we have been having some fierce thunderstorms roll through. What a wonderful combination!  Perfect trifecta to cause allergy and asthma issues. 

I am staying inside as much as possible and enjoying the nice cold air conditioning. 

How is everyone else doing?


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  • Shea

    I have been waking up with my face hurting and stuffy nose and headache. This hot, humid weather is not my friend. I take Tommy to my mom's pool once a week but I really dont like the chlorine. It is nice way to stay cool and get exercise though (and vitamin D). But something about the chlorine my body really doesn't like– both in my breathing and skin. I am just really trying to teach Tommy to swim this summer, so I figure once every week to 2 weeks. My muscles and joints are feeling it today. 

    Definitely agree with Melissa, thank goodness for A/C. I would not be in Florida without it. I still want to make an indoor park venue. We might try ice skating at an indoor rink nearby … but Im not sure because my body really doesnt like falling– and I forget sometimes that I am not a kid anymore. 

  • Amber Says Shine

    Hi all!  it sure is getting warmer!  Even L.A. is more humid than usual this time of year.  I was definitely feeling it on Saturday.  I took a preventive dose of albuterol before going to the gym.  Even with that, there were still points during my workout that I felt a little short of breath. So I'm just trying to stay really attuned to myself and what I need throughout each day. I work in a lovely air-conditioned office, so I can see the sizzling heat outside, but breathe easy inside   And I have needed to take Flonase more often these last couple of weeks to reduce all those fun seasonal allergy symptoms.  Hang in there, everyone!  

  • K8sMom2002

    Shea and Amber, hugs on the humidity issues!

    Shea, is there a Red Cross swim course for kiddos Tommy's age that could take over the teaching so that you could stay out of the chlorine? I know my DD took a Red Cross swim class for a couple of summers when she was about that age, and it was so much easier than trying to teach her how to swim myself. 

    Amber, sounds like you're paying really good attention to your body's signals and working to head off issues. I'm curious about the extra Flonase … what suggestion did your doctor give you about that? 

    I do wish my DD could use nasal steroid sprays, but another health issue prohibits that.

    It sounds like both of you are keeping good tabs on triggers and issues and talking with your docs about ways to tweak your asthma action plans — !

  • Pljohns

    Gotta love summer in the South!  On our trip recently to DC, one of the security guards was complaining about how hot it was-it was 80 with 42% humidity-we told him it felt wonderful to us-he thought we were nuts, but it was so nice.

    As for dealing with AL humidity and heat-I try to stay indoors and DH and I try to walk after dinner just before sunset.  it's cooler then, but the afternoon storms have been kicking up so it's interfering with our walking.  I know it burns more gas, but my car has an auto start feature that allows me to start it while I'm still in my office (it will only do it if the doors are locked so no one can steal it and it only runs for 10 min)  but I start it so at least the worst of the hot is at least out of my car before I get in it.

    Shea-my lungs never did like chlorine so I have to stay clear of the pools.  We use to have an above ground one but once the kids got older, we took it down (it was already at the house when we bought it).  I miss the pool, but not the chlorine or having to keep it clean/

  • Shea

    Lynn, glad to know it is not just me with the chlorine. It bothers Tommy's eczema too. I like my mom's pool because she keeps the chlorine lower than most public pools abd there have been breakouts of parasites in the public pools around here. Not to mention, Tommy didnt even like water until this year and will not listen to instructions from an adult teacher when it comes to water stuff and I like to keep it a positive experience for him. I have a snall blow up pool for my house that he can practice in and I can go in that just uses fresh water. And my mom or his aunts and uncles can go in with him at my moms house. I think if I shorten the time in there Ill be better but our friends came this last time and I put my head under more– I am going to keep my head out and limit my time in next time. It is hard because it is fun in there and I wouldnt want to sit out while I visit with friends because it is too darned hot. And I like being a part of teaching Tommy to swim too, motivate him to kick and to jump in and see him do more and more each time. It will be good for us both to not stay in too long, and shower at my moms house right after, and Ill put lotion on his skin right after. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    I do head outdoors to do the work that must be done. I wear a mask and keep very well hydrated. I do not do very well in extreme heat with humidity. I come inside and take a shower. I have the a/c on to keep cool. Try not to get stressed out, folks. That is one of the worst things to do on a hot day! I also eat Jell-o with fruit. It hydrates me, plus it is refreshing. Cucumbers and watermelon are also hydrating and refreshing! If you feel that you cannot handle your breathing difficulties in extreme heat, please give your doctor a call!!! 

  • dory2005

    I stay indoors as much as possible because the heat/humidity exacerbates my asthma big time. The heat index hit 100 today, but I was able to get back home by 12:30 this afternoon. Still I was completely exhausted and needed a nap this afternoon. I agree with Deborah–watermelons are awesome this time of year. Our family ate half a watermelon today, and we have enough for tomorrow as well. We'll get another one before the 4th (isn't it a rule you have to eat watermelon on July 4th??), and it really helps me stay hydrated. DH mowed the lawn yesterday evening from about 8:00-9:45 PM. It was the only time that was cool enough for him to do the entire yard. He was having some allergy trouble today, but not nearly as bad as last time. The mask and long sleeves/pants seemed to help. 

  • Melissa G

    Shea, some places are starting to use a salt filtration system instead of chlorine in their pools. There is a local swim school that offered homeschool classes for a discounted rate when my kids were younger and I was worried about the heat and chlorine mix with Bekah. But they use salt filtration and she did great with it. 

    I have been finding more and more places offer discounts for homeschoolers during the school year. 

  • Wheezy Me

    I drink a lot, and exercise indoors or during the afternoons/evenings to avoid the heat. Fortunately, I work in a building with air conditioning.

    Summer doesn't trouble me asthma-wise, and I certainly prefer it over the winter! (All ice cream lovers, say hi!)

    Just trying not to melt in the meantime😉


  • Shea

    Salt water chlorinators do not create a chlorine-free pool. They use dissolved salt to create chlorine to clean the pool. I had not known that and originally tried salt water pool but it actually irritated my asthma a lot. There are actually a lot of studies out there on chlorine being an irritant and often people who swim a lot it can even play a causal role in asthma develipment. So we will limit time in and use a pool that isnt too heavily chlorinated (including salt-water chlorinated pools).

    I really think my mom's pool is the best– public pools need higher levels in them but private pools dont and my mom keeps hers well-balanced. I really think I just stayed in too long. I like Tommy learning the natural way and having fun while learning and me being a part of it. So Im not giving up. Just going to do shorter sessions. 

  • Melissa G

    We have been hitting the triple digits the last few days! Definitely way too hot to be doing anything outside. We have been enjoying the air conditioning and watching movies. 

  • MPH

    Not so much heat but any kind of humidity causes problems. No matter the season. Is this unusual?

  • Melissa G

    Not at all, MPH. can be a trigger for an asthma flare. Humidity is definitely a trigger for me.