Holiday Traditions

What are some holiday traditions that you have during this time of year?

Let's see….

we spend part of Christmas Eve celebrating my dad's birthday. 

we then exchange Christmas presents with my parents

we go to Christmas Eve service. 

my kids love staying up all night Christmas Eve watching movies. I am not sure when they started doing this. But they love it. 

we always have a friend gathering New Year's Eve. We switch who hosts the party, but we all pitch in and bring food. 


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  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Hi Melissa!  Our traditions have changed as we got older…when we were living at home with our mom and dad, we'd always go out for pizza on xmas eve dinner and my dad would always forget something–his wallet, a coupon…and take forever to get it!  Santa visited our house early so we could go to MA to visit family. After we learned about Santa, my sister and I would insist that dad forgot his wallet and needed to go back in the house (lol)…we wanted to keep the tradition going 

    We'd always go to midnight mass and have xmas eve at my grandparents. We'd spend Christmas day at my other grandparents house and then my uncle and aunt's house. New Years Eve was always spent at a restaurant called "The Cranberry Bog"–they had the BEST cranberry bread!! and a late movie at the local mall. Another (informal) tradition I had was to listen to the top 100 songs of the year countdown.  


  • Kathy P

    OMG! I always listened to to top 100 countdown! 

    Too funny about your dad going back to the house! When the kids were little, we had to find some creative ways for Santa to visit. Often we were traveling and would just take the stocking stuffers with us. The rest was a second Christmas once we returned home. Either I was putting stuff out while Dad was getting them in the car, or more often, Santa just came the night we got home .

  • Melissa G

    I totally forgot about listening to the top 100 countdown when I was growing up! 

    Now the girls and I watch all of the Hallmark Christmas movies. 

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    The Hallmark show that ALWAYS gets me sobbing is "The Christmas Shoes".

    There are a lot of good holiday shows every year–b/c of my DD, we've usually watched the Snow Buddies and Santa Pups…Did I mention that my DD really wants a puppy for Christmas?! (lol)!

  • Melissa G

    That is a very good, but sad movie…definitely need a box of tissues when we watch that one. 

    Aaww, does she want a particular kind?

  • Melissa G

    I have not watched the entire Polar Express movie. I need to rent it and watch the entire movie. 

  • K8sMom2002

    I love The Polar Express! Years ago when DD was little, watching Rudolph was a must-do. But this year we didn't get a chance to watch either one.

    Let's see … what Christmas traditions did we do this year?

    • Christmas candlelit service at church on Christmas Eve
    • Pork pies for Christmas Eve supper
    • Christmas breakfast was homemade "cheater" cream cheese Danishes and fried ham after a lovely sleep-in. 
    • Having Christmas dinner with my sister, with all the usual holiday foods.

    We started a couple of new traditions that we may want to keep …

    • a toothbrush in every stocking — we all needed new toothbrushes, so into the stocking it went!
    • visiting my aunt and taking her Rice Krispy treats during the afternoon of Christmas Eve.