Holiday events and traditions and asthma triggers?

So I may regret this … DD really, really wanted to see a "real" Nutcracker performance, so I've bought tickets to a semi-professional performance a couple of hours away for this Sunday. Our seats are in the nosebleed section of the balcony, AND it's a Sunday matinee performance, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. We've never been to this particular theatre, but it's supposed to be packed. We had a hard time getting four seats together.

I'm worried about dealing with the perfumes … and with the smokers outside … and with the cold weather, because the weather is supposed to turn very chilly by the end of the week. 

It's been ages since I attempted something like this. Wish me luck!

What holiday traditions do you have, and what tips and tricks do you use to manage your asthma while enjoying them? 


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  • Kathy P

    Well, I went to get my allergy shots yesterday and was surprised that there was a giant real Christmas tree on the ground floor of the medical center. The center of the building is open from the ground up through the 3rd floor. There are glass sculptures that hang through the space. So, even though I came in on the 2nd floor, I could smell the tree as soon as I walked in! Ugh! I'm not allergic to pine/fir, so it didn't really bother me, but I was surprised to see it there.

    Have fun at the Nutcracker. I've heard that some serve snacks at intermission.

  • Shea

    K8Smom, you could always bring a mask just in case your asthma flares due to one of those triggers… Or even a scarf could help some. Good luck, it sounds fun (as long as your breathing is good and no triggers!)

    Kathy, that is surprising that a real tree would be in a medical center.. If I was allergic to pine and a patient there, I would totally file a compaint. 

    I am try to modify old traditions to work with my asthma as much as possible, and try to guiltlessly not attend ones that do. When I go to parties, I always check if there are pets in the home beforehand, and do not attend if there are. When I go to holiday events with catowners, I do so outside or in large well ventilated areas. Also, I am trying to eat a low inflammation diet (limiting red meat), and I am avoiding foods like dried fruits (high in sulfites), alcohol (triggers my asthma), and foods high in nitrites (like bacon). I have other food allergies too, so I bring a lot of safe foods and beverages to parties.

  • K8sMom2002

    Wow — I am surprised that they'd have real trees in public spaces, Kathy P! It's not just the pollen, but the mold possibilities as well.

    Shea, I'm with you on guiltlessly passing on the events that don't work for our situations — it's hard, but we tend to pay a high price.

    On the Nutcracker … we'll probably skip the snacks at the intermission, and we'll try to eat at one of the few safe restaurants we have in that town.

  • Anne P

    We went to a professional ballet company's Nutcracker, and they served roasted nuts and other snacks during intermission.  People were allowed to bring them into the theater to eat during the second half.

    This year, we're going out of town to a different professional ballet company's Nutcracker.  I need to contact the theater and see if they sell nuts.  We deal with airborne anaphylaxis to nuts, so I hope I didn't waste my ticket money.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, yikes, Anne! 

    I did see a sign in the photos of the "virtual tour" of the theater/opera house we're going that said, "No food or drink allowed outside of …" So that sort of reassured me.

    I'm hoping that the packed house won't be drenched in perfume and that the theater itself will be free of dust, etc. It's an older, refurbished venu, and I've never been there before. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Well, here's a tradition that works for me! I'm watching Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer on CBS. What holiday movies do you like to watch every year?

  • K8sMom2002

    We did make it to the Nutcracker yesterday … the theater was an older one and a bit dusty … and it was packed with coughing, sputtering people. We went for dinner afterwards, and I made SURE I washed my hands before we ate!

    Fingers crossed that I didn't get any unwanted holiday surprises!

    How are you celebrating the holidays?

  • Jen

    We finally put up our tree this weekend.  Also bought outdoor decorations for the first time.  A lighted wreath and some outdoor lights.  Still need to put up the outdoor lights.

  • Jen

    I don't know – we haven't set it up.   We've had it for 10 years maybe and it was getting pretty raggedy.  We had been talking about getting a new one.  I was at Walmart the other day to get a few things, including a rake.  Well…the outdoors section had tons of Christmas stuff.  I found a decent tree for $89.  I figured that we paid around $40 10 years ago so for a scrawnier tree. I figured I'd go for it.  That said…we may end up setting up the other tree somewhere else in the house.  Could be fun to have 2 trees.

  • K8sMom2002

    Jen, before you know it, you'll go all Martha Stewart on me and have a different themed tree for every room in the house! But yep, a new house deserves a new tree!

  • Jen

    Martha Stewart I am not and never will be.  If we do set up the 2nd tree, it will likely be decorated with whatever the girls make/come up with.