Health officials worry about responding to flu cases …

Just another reason I'm glad I got the flu vaccine and why I need to call and make sure I can get that second pneumonia vaccine! I read this today in the Wall Street Journal … hopefully it won't be behind a paywall for everyone else. 

It's another reason to always be prepared in the event of a natural disaster as well … supply chains can be affected long term. Of course, normal folks can't stack up on IV bags, but it's still something to think about.  

The U.S. is facing a nationwide shortage of intravenous bags just as flu cases accelerate, forcing many hospitals to use more time-consuming ways to administer drugs and to weigh a halt on elective procedures and clinical trials.

Some hospital officials said they have only a day or two of supplies and worry whether they would be able to handle an influx of patients as the influenza virus ramps up. Forty-six states are seeing widespread flu activity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, putting this year on par with 2014-15, which was the most severe flu season in recent years.

Have you got your flu and pneumonia vaccine? Do you have a "sick plan" so that you can have a better chance of avoiding the hospital in case of an upper respiratory or viral illness?


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  • LK

    I saw that article, too.  A reminder of how the medicines, medical products and such all come from so many different locations and manufacturers.  Takes a lot of everything working just perfectly to keep it all running smoothly!