Heading to National Jewish Health

Hi forum. In 2 weeks i'll be at National Jewish Health for an entire week. I'm at the end of the road with my hometown medical team. I'm cautiously hopeful we will get to the bottom of my severe non allergic asthma symptoms. Does anyone have experience going to NJH? Any suggestions/tips??

Thank you.


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  • Emelina

    Hi Kerry, 

    I went to NJH in April, though I went through the asthma clinic and did most of the workup at home (IgE, eos, echo, PFTs, high res chest CT) rather than spending a week in Denver (was under time constraints due to fmla). In retrospect, I wish I would have done what you are planning and gone for the full workup because now I’m doing some other stuff (ENT, CT sinus, EGD and pH probe) here at home rather than 1 swoop. 

    My tips, use the search function of this forum to look up national jewish. There are at least 2 people who went and wrote out detailed accounts of their experience. The things I took away is the testing is it is intense (6-8 tests/day and multiple consults). Previous people have suggested bringing a support person. Also if you are on prednisone, some of your tests might not be as accurate (allergy tests, eos, methacholine).

    I would also say don’t rely on everything being available in epic. I hand carried pertinent information (old PFTs, allergy testing and recent notes) and brought a CD with my chest imaging. 

    Good luck! The program there is marvelous and one of a kind. It runs like a well oiled machine. Let us know how it goes!


  • K8sMom2002

    How exciting for you! I hope that you find it as helpful as other folks here have!

    Like Em has said, there are a few threads where members have shared their experience at National Jewish.

    The folks at NJH seem extremely thorough and kind and determined to give you the answers you need. I would agree that if you can bring along a support person — someone who can roll with the flow and who can be a calm and reassuring presence — that's always useful for any hospital stay, especially one with lots of tests scheduled.

    I'm excited to hear what you discover and what your plan will be going forward! Sending good your way! Please keep us posted.