Have you ever tried saline nebs?

Hi all, 

Just wondering if any of you have tried and been prescribed saline nebs? I tried them in the hospital when my lungs were super irritable and it wasn’t yet time for a medicated neb treatment. Something about the extra humidity seemed to help. I’m wondering if this is just an inpatient thing or something that is ok to use at home. Maybe I should just put a humidifier in my room? 

(Sigh) the lungs are super irritable today. Might reach for a lidocaine neb next, grrrr. Asthma + colds = misery.

thank you! 


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  • Melissa G

    We add saline to Rebekah's albuterol nebulizer treatments. Since Bekah can't take cold medications, when she gets congested, she gets saline nebulizer treatments to help relieve congestion. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Em, our first allergist suggested a nasal saline "neb" for the nose for our DD when she was having to go without antihistamines prior to testing. DD felt like she was drowning, poor soul … so it was not something she wanted to continue. 

    All that to say that, yes, things like that can be prescribed, depending on your doc.

    Could you talk to your doctor about this and see if this something that you could get some guidance on? 

  • Kathy P

    I have saline for nebs at home. My doc recommended because mucus accumulation us one of my biggest issues. And coughing. I usually take a steamy shower, so he said try the saline.

    I don't think bits very common, but it is available – doc had a hard time finding it in their system and pharmacy had to order it. 

  • Kerry R.

    YES! I do 2 daily treatments of saline .05. It helps keep the gunk moving so it doesn't set up in my lungs. I've been hospitalized twice this last year with pneumonia and the saline with neb was added after my second hospitalization. The saline neb treatments are easy, yet time consuming.

  • Emelina

    Thanks Cynthia, Kathy and Kerry! I’ll chat with my doctor about adding another tool to the toolbox 🧰

  • Melissa G

    Em, our dr had to prescribe the vials of saline for the neb but our insurance won't cover it. Fortunately, it is fairly cheap.