Have you checked your medications’ expiration dates?

It's the end of the year, when lots of insurance plans reset and deductibles start over. On my to-do list is to:

  • check expiration dates on meds like inhalers and Epi pens
  • check for meds running low 

 Some insurance plans (like ours) reset on Dec 1, so check when your plan rolls over and get those refills done!

Also, check the number of refills on meds that you refill multiple times between doctors' visits. Nothing more frustrating than trying to get a refill authorized over the holidays!


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  • Kathy P

    I checked mine since my deductible rolls over today. I missed one that I could have refilled though.

    I need to check A's epis and inhalers – she's on dad's insurance that doesn't roll over til Jan 1.

    That reminds me, DH handed me my new insurance card at an inopportune time and I don't think it ended up in my wallet! 

  • K8sMom2002

    I thought we had everything covered, and then yesterday DH found out that DD's Zyrtec prescription needs re-issuing. We've been ordering the prescription generic for awhile because it's safe for her corn allergy, but both I and the pedi keep forgetting to increase the dosage on the prescription from a half tablet to a whole one, so we go through scripts really fast. He's not worried about it because it's an OTC med, but it is aggravating for us. 

    I meant to check the various OTC brands yesterday to see if any were corn free, and I forgot. 

  • Jen

    We use Sam's Club brand zyrtec.  Just checked for you and it has corn starch.

  • K8sMom2002

    Talked to the pharmacist this AM, not just about Zyrtec but about a possible alternative to compounded acetaminophen. Yikes, but it's pricey — $32 for a bottle of 30, and it's so aggravating to have to get.

    The last time we refilled it, the compounding pharmacy ran out of ingredients and they currently owe us 18 pills. But of course we had to pay the entire $32.