Happy Father’s Day this weekend!

Before the weekend gets busy want to wish everyone a very Happy Father's Day this Sunday!  Hope you get to spend lots of time with your families!


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  • Amber Says Shine

    We're spending time with friends, as our parents all live quite a distance away. I sent my and DH's dad gifts and both men, who are quite reserved, called/texted each of us today to say thank you. It was so sweet!! Wishing everyone lots of love this weekend. These family celebration days can bring up complex feelings and no doubt that can impact our health. Grateful for you all!

  • Melissa G

    Amber, your dad and father-in-law had to love their gifts! 

    We are planning a quiet afternoon at home. Not sure what dh wants to eat yet. Then a chorale group from Grace's college is only going to be an hour away so we are going to go listen to them tomorrow night. 

  • Shea

    We celebrated yesterday by going over to my parent's house. We had cards and gifts. My siblings came over. We visited a lot, my mom made hot beefs, and we watched the movie Captain Marvel because I had just bought it and my parents hadn't seen it yet (I really love that movie). I told my dad I can be Captain Marvel and he can be Nick Fury, the Sheild Leader, and Tommy can be Goose (the cat that really is a dangerous alien species called a Flerkin but is helping them protect the tesseract– which is later found out to be one of the infinity stones that play an important part on the Avengers movies). Annnnyyywayss (I get off-track), afterwards I put together this Lego model of their ship with the characters and gave it to my dad and we also gave him some updated pictures in frames for his office (he had told me that he wanted updated pics earlier– it was hard to find obes where Tommy wasnt making a weird face or blinking but I did!). Tommy was playing with Uncle Johnny on Minecraft a lot (I dont like playing Minecraft so I was glad Tommy had someone who really enjoyed it that could build with him on it, and I was free to visit with everyone else). We had a nice time. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Awww … love hearing about everyone's weekend celebrating Father's Day! Amber, you're very right — holidays like this can bring up very complex emotions. It sounds as though you must have hit the nail on the head with your gifts to your dad and your father-in-law. The calls and texts must have been super special to you since you couldn't spend time with them this weekend.