Happy Easter and Chag Sameach

Happy Easter and Chag Sameach to all who celebrate. 

Hope everyone is having is nice weekend resting, getting together with family, getting outside to enjoy nature or whatever feeds your soul.

Dh went out for an early bike ride – my lungs won't handle that at the moment. I'm about to get up and start cooking brunch. We have a call with the boy around 10 then we'll eat brunch. Picked out a low key mountain bike trail around the Bay. Dinner will be snacky type stuff after the ride.  

What's on your agenda for today?


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  • Shea

    Happy holiday Kathy! I hope your phone call was nice❤ Brunch sounds yummy, and a trail sounds beautiful .

    The Easter bunny came to our house and hid all the eggs we decorated last night– luckily, Tommy found them all. I ate one hard-boiled and one plastic full of candy egg so far. Then I skewered the veggies and steak I had marinating overnight, so itll be ready to grill on my electric grill (I use it because its nice to my sensitive lungs). We will be at my mom and dads, my brothers tbeir SO's and my cousin will be there for early easter dinner at 1pm. We should leave soon. Im just finishing this cup of coffe first!

  • Melissa G

    Happy Easter! 

    We are having dinner with my parents today. We are not having the traditional ham dinner, we are going to do that when Grace gets home in two weeks. We are having dinner rolls, steak, baked potatoes, corn and banana pudding for dessert.