Happy 4th of July!

I wish you all a wonderful asthma flare free 4th of July! 


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  • Shea

    Thanks and right back at ya! I made it back home from the 4th if July party with no asthma issues! My fan and mask helped protect me from the smoke from the fireworks, and I was able to watch the family light off little fireworks– Tommy had a blast.. Everyone loved my cake and I enjoyed the event a lot. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Yay, Shea! 

    We ended the day with fireworks as well … but a good distance away from the big show at a nearby park. I was still surprised how much smoke was in the air, and super glad we'd picked at spot that was UPWIND from the smoke. Next year, I'm going to be super careful in choosing a spot.

    I also grilled Wednesday afternoon/evening. I wasn't planning on doing the grilling, but must-needs, yanno? I was lucky again … the wind carried away the smoke!

    I did have a buddy help me with the grilling …

    That is my neighbor's peahen … she has been hanging out mostly at our house for nearly a year, so maybe I should give in and start calling her ours?

    She hopped up on the fence just outside of our garage, where I grill … very quiet for such a large bird! I looked up, and there she was. This was the closest she's ever come to us. Guess she liked the smell of ribs or else was trying to make sure I was doing it right!