Handheld Nebulizer – Philips InnoSpire Go

Yesterday I tried a new handheld nebulizer.  I love the silent operation, how you don't need special cleaners just water and soap, and how easy it is to operate.  It's the Philips InnoSpire Go.  

A question – After I used it I pretty much lost my voice.  That hasn't happened when I use my other nebulizers.  A friend told me it has happened to her and  that it is because the new one vaporizes the medicine into smaller particles and that affects the vocal cords.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?  

I used it midday yesterday and still don't have much of a voice back yet.  It's a little bit better but not much.  Will contact my pulmo this morning about how it.



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  • K8sMom2002

    Yikes on the losing your voice part, Lisa! Have you reached out to Philips' customer service to see if they've had others report that issue and if there's anything that can be done?

    I'm so glad it's more convenient AND silent! I was thinking, "Wow, this could be one that I could recommend to my dad …" and then I got to the voice problem, and I thought, "Hmm … my dad already has trouble with his vocal cords." 

    My dad is hard of hearing, so the times he uses his neb, talking to him is pretty much out for him. Even watching tv is hard … I'd love to find him a quieter, portable neb so that he could use it on the go.

  • Melissa G

    Lisa, did you contact your pulm about using the nebulizer and losing your voice? What did they say?

  • LK

    Yes, sent him a message through the patient portal and since he is out of the office today at a satellite clinic his nurse said she will call me tomorrow.  Thank you for asking, Melissa!  My voice is ever so slightly better this evening, so really hoping it will be much better by tomorrow.

    Cynthia,  Thank you for the suggestion to contact Philips customer care.  Hadn't thought about that.  Will do that tomorrow.

  • LK

    Sorry I hadn't updated this post!

    I haven't found a contact number or email yet.  Haven't looked terribly hard, though so there is probably one out there to find.  There wasn't one on the instruction booklet that came with the nebulizer.

    I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow morning to investigate my lack of voice.  It has come back some but since it's been a week I am getting a little curious as to how long this will last!  He also agreed with my pulmo that losing your voice from a neb is rather unusual.  

  • LK

    Forgot to post here what I posted on the Daily Roll Call thread.  

    Saw the ENT today about my hoarseness.  It has been a little better yesterday and today, of course!  

    Love my ENT doctor!  He started to ask me if I was on any acid reflux meds all the time or just periodically and then he looked at my med list and almost gave a "Wow" over all the meds I am on!  In a good natured way!     He's so good at explaining things.  He said that our voice starts with our lungs having to have enough power and that made me smile.  Wanted to ask "What's that like?"    He said even the slightest change in our vocal chords or the surrounding structures has a big impact on our voice.

    He numbed my nose, throat and looked at my vocal cords.  He said there is mild vocal chord thickening which can be attributed to several of the meds I am on.  No other problems he could see which gives me some peace of mind.  I asked if there was anything I can do to help my voice.  He said taking Mucinex somehow helps.  Just the regular not the DM and just the 600 dose.  So may try that.

    Main thing is that he does not think that the handheld nebulizer caused my hoarseness.  In that he agrees with my PCP and my pulmo, so that's comforting to know.  He said several of the medicines I am on can cause hoarseness so at this point I just keep taking my meds as prescribed because breathing is more important than talking!     

    Good thing my fingers can keep up with my thoughts!  Or maybe it's not a good thing!    

    Just checked my Philips InnoSpire Go and it's battery still has a full charge!  Wow!  I am keeping it in my purse in case I need it while I am out and about.  

  • K8sMom2002

    Wow, that battery is super! Glad you have it as a back-up and that your doc thinks that there's not a connection between it and the hoarseness!

  • Melissa G

    Lisa, that is great news that the neb didn't cause the horseness in your voice. Wow, that is an amazing battery life! 

  • LK

    Update – Tried my handheld nebulizer yesterday and it did not make me any more hoarse than I already am.  First time I have tried it since that first time.  Just nice to know that a new nebulizer that is easy to carry and clean and holds a charge well works!