Halloween – how was it?

New neighborhood for us this year, so my girls loved it.  Ok, I should say the middle 2 loved it because my oldest went out with some friends in another neighborhood.  In our old neighborhood, most people on our street had their lights off on Halloween, so we'd have to go up a few streets to trick or treat.  Plus, we hardly got any trick or  treaters.  It used to bum me out a bit because I love Halloween.  Plenty of trick or treaters this year.  The non food treats (slime, bubbles, spider rings, fangs) were nearly as big a hit as the candy.

So…did you pass out candy?  Did you take any little ones trick or treating?


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  • K8sMom2002

    DH was in charge of handing out candy to our neighborhood Trick Or Treaters … I had to leave it with him because they were running late, and I had to take DD to a friend's impromptu Halloween get-together. We wound up getting a late supper and had half our candy left over because DH was stingy with it!

  • Jen

    Just because we are in a new neighborhood (and I had no idea how many kids to expect), I was also a tad stingy.  Now I have a better idea for next year.