Going to a pediatric pulmonologist

Kyler is 13 months old has been wheezy since birth but was officially diagnosed at 4 months after RSV and a hospital admission. We have been just going through our pediatrician thus far but he is starting to have more and more flare ups in the last two weeks he has needed his albuterol at least once (usually 2 or 3 times) everyday. I'm not sure if it's because he is a lot more mobile now…or the weather change….but I think it's time to go to the pulmonologist. 


My question is since we haven't been yet what should we expect…what should we ask…? What as things we should highlight to them? 

Were going to go to the children's hospital pediatric pulmonologist.


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  • Asthmapert

    Hello Kyler's Mom,

    When you meet with the pulmonologist, just explain in raw terms your concerns about Kyler. Is it the cough, wheezing, shortness of breath or all of those? Is he waking up a lot at night? The doctor will ask you relevant questions he/she needs to help your son. Hope this helps.


  • Melissa G

    Hi Kyler'sMom, have you kept a log or diary on how often he has been taking his inhaler and what his symptoms are? If so, make sure you take it with you. I would just tell them exactly what has been going on and express your concerns. 

    Were you able to get an appt soon?

  • K8sMom2002

    I love the fact that you are advocating for your son and reaching out for advice, and that your pedi is supporting this!

    You've gotten great advice so far, so I'll try to add to that:

    AAFA has a great short video about how 

    And like Melissa and Asthmapert mentioned, sharing how asthma symptoms impact your kiddo's day is important.

    was super helpful to me. I made a chart to keep up with my DD's triggers (she has food allergies, so that explains the columns on safe foods and touching her eyes, nose or mouth) — you can make your own that's more tailored to your son's.

    Good luck at the doctor's office! Here's hoping you get good answers and a good plan forward!

  • Kyler's Mom

    Thus far today has been the only day he hasn't had a flare. I'm thinking it's a combo of the weather change and the fact he is a lot more mobile. But yesterday's was he got upset and it caused him to start wheezing which made it worse and he started coughing and wheezing and it took me a little bit to get him calmed down so I could get his meds in him. 

    Him being a baby makes it super hard! 

  • Kyler's Mom

    Not yet we used to have both my husband's work insurance and state insurance as a supplement…but the state decided to kick him off saying they didn't have proof he was a legal citizen…even though me my husband and our other 3 kids are on the same one and they paid for all of my pregnancy and his birth and I sent in his birth certificate and his social. So we have been working on getting him back on that insurance but I told my husband I was done waiting I'm going to call and schedule the appointment today.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, no! Have you reached out to your state's insurance commissioner? Since it's a state policy, then perhaps your state's department of health or your state's insurance commissioner could help.

  • Melissa G
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Oh, no! Have you reached out to your state's insurance commissioner? Since it's a state policy, then perhaps your state's department of health or your state's insurance commissioner could help.

    That's a great idea!

  • K8sMom2002

    Kyler's Mom, how goes the insurance battle? I do hope you've managed to get things straightened out!

  • Kyler's Mom

    Hey all! Sorry it's been awhile since I have replied! This has been a crazy month here! But I just got great news on the insurance front yesterday! While my husband was doing his yearly reup interview with the state he asked again why Kyler was kicked off. After doing some digging she was just as confused as us as to why he was kicked off the insurance. They originally said it was some new policies put into place because of all the immigration stuff that is going on in the country right now…which didn't make any sense since my husband and I were both born in ohio and they didnt kick any of our other 3 kids off (which if it was an immigration issue you would think they would kick everyone off) and the cherry on top they cover my csection and his hospital stay when I had him. She said something along the lines of he has a chronic illness and needs specialist and hospital stays and lots if medication and to see the doctor more and we have company insurance and the government insurance is just a secondary to cover what the company doesn't and most people who have regular insurance wont go through the fight if they get kicked off the insurance so they do this sometimes. 

    But he is back in the insurance now and double covered! So I'm happy about that that at least!

  • Melissa G

    Kyler's Mom, now that your son is covered by insurance, yay, have you been able to schedule an appt with the pulmo?

  • Kyler's Mom

    If you can believe it we got the paper saying he is back on it but we still haven't got his card with a number on it to give to the doctors and pharmacy. He just had a appointment with his regular doctor today and they upped him to 110 flovent and he also has a double ear infection so starting antibiotics and they gave him his vaccines.

  • Kyler's Mom

    We just bought his inhalers for the month on Saturday now we have to turn around and buy his new inhaler with the new dose…

  • LK

    Kyler's Mom,  I am curious why they gave him vaccines when he is ill?   Maybe times have changed but when our kids were little the pediatrician never gave vaccines if the child was not 100% well since they sometimes have a reaction to the vaccines.  Having a double ear infection and getting vaccines just seems like a lot for a young body to handle all at once.  Hope he feels better soon!!

  • Kyler's Mom

    I'm honestly not sure. They usually don't give vaccines when they are sick and that was with my 3 kids that dont have asthma. Usually they had a virus and not a ear infection but still. I didnt take him to the doctor this time my husband did so he didnt ask or refuse when they said they were giving him shots

  • K8sMom2002

    Lisa, from what our pedi said when DD was small, it really depends on how ill a kiddo is before a doctor chooses to leave off a vaccine, especially for a kiddo with asthma. Our doctor was extremely pro vaccine because he was worried that some preventable diseases would be more complicated in our daughter's case — like the flu. can be extremely serious. 

    And in this day and time, where you have pockets of lower vaccination rates in some areas of the country, you don't have the herd immunity protection. 

    Kyler's Mom, I'm so glad you got the insurance coverage on the way to be straightened out! I hope he's on the mend and that you guys get those cards soon so that you can start taking full advantage of it!

  • LK

    That makes sense, Cynthia!  It has been a few decades since ours were that little!    Thanks!  

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    @Kyler's Mom, Ugh on the double ear infection! I hope he's feeling better soon and is able to take full advantage of his doubly covered health insurance.