Gerd and asthma

Hi all, I had a few questions for people with gerd. What interventions have been the most helpful for controlling your symptoms? I was looking at the list of things to do and it’s a long list! head of bed elevation, weight loss, no eating 2-3 hours before bed, small meals, no caffeine, spicy, fatty or tomato based foods! Was just wondering if certain interventions have been more helpful than others? Or do you have other tricks to help? Thanks! 


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  • LK

    Hi Em,

    To help my GERD I have done most of those items in your list.  Does make life interesting but sure has helped me.  The things that have helped me the most were when my ENT added Pepcid AC for me to take in the evening.  I already was taking Pantoprazole in the morning.  Also I put 6" risers under the headboard legs of the bed.

    Probably the most helpful things for me are to not eat a large meal in the evening and not eat late in the evening.  I have "forgotten" this a few times lately and have not slept well at all.

    Hope this helps!

  • Emelina

    I had been on lansoprazole 15mg twice/day but just discovered that was half the dose my njh pulmo wanted so just started 30mg twice/day. It’s kinda tough because I don’t always feel the heart burn but my larynx looked sad and angry with changes above and below the cords. 

  • Emelina

    Thanks Lisa and Melissa! Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’m slightly less froggy! Hmm, trying to avoid eating 2-3 hrs before bed is tough! I didn’t realize how much I graze. 🐮 

  • LK

    Em,  That's good news!  Hope it isn't just coincidence.  About the only way I have found to not eat during those 2-3 hours before bedtime is to go ahead and floss and brush my teeth.  Hope you keep improving!  

  • Emelina

    Hi Lisa, still froggy but better! Though it gets more froggy throughout the day. So maybe this ppi + rest + speech therapy will be the winning ticket. I love the idea to brush and floss! Thanks! I’ll try it. I’ve also given up acidic drinks so my hope is this will help with weight loss too!

  • Pljohns

    I have “vapor” reflux-unless i”m on pred, I never get the typical GERD symptoms.  I’ve done everything from PPIs to nothing.  i currently take famotodine 10mg OTC every night before bed.  I found even with the GERD from the doxy, it took care of it.  Thankfully i still eat anything I want to but have found that fatty meals tend to bother me sometimes.  I keep tums or Pepcid AC if i need it but rarely do.  guess i”m lucky-Dh suffers with GERD awful and has given up caffeine, fatty foods and take max dose of meds daily.  If I ever find a few thousand dollars laying around, we’re going to get a split king bed with adjustable base-it will help him and will be wonderful when my asthma is flaring and I can’t lay down.

  • Melissa G

    Yay, that you are less froggy! I am a grazer too… So I have started drinking more water in between meals to cut down on the snacking.