Functional Doctors

I'm looking into this and wonder if anyone has tried a functional doctor for their asthma.   🙂


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  • Jen

    What do you think a functional doctor might do differently than what your current doctors are doing?  Do you have any recommendations from friends, etc?

  • K8sMom2002

    This was the doctor that a friend recommended to you, right? 

    AAFA has a great series of blog posts about . 

    With a good "traditional" doctor who listens, I don't know that it has to be either/or. @GigiGibson and @Shea incorporate a lot of complementary medicine approaches in their plan, but they work with their medical team to do it. I'm always really impressed with their ideas and how their team works with them. 

  • Leslie Ann

    Hi all! I would see this Functional Doctor along with my Pulm.  Functional med seeks the cause and deals with that, rather than treating the symptoms.  And they use other modalities along with traditional western medicine.  I'm interested in seeing what they say as my doc say my spring asthma is allergy and my fall is ????????.  

    For sure I would like to address the cause and stop this endless reacting-to and treating of my symptoms once they appear.  Exhausting and ineffective.

    I am trying a supplement that seems to be helping.  Brosmeric HR.  You should research it for yourself to understand the clinical trials.  I used it for my terrible migraines and it worked as good as advil.  I'm trying it now for asthma instead of going on the prednisone the Dr. is recommending just to see.. so far I do feel a better  :-)   But knock on wood because I am conservative on deciding what really truly works and the disease is tricky and it could be something else that's made me feel better….?

    Brosmeric is Cucurmin (the strongest form of tumeric) with black pepper and ginger so it a huge anti inflammatory.  This specific one was developed by an MD with his own clinic new New Mexico.  

    If I take too much I get hot and flushed feeling because it is hot!  But I'm taking one pill at a time and see how it goes.  It appears very safe and if  it is can calm down my inflammation so I don't have to go on that demon prednisone that it will be a game changer.

    I'm not trying to get anyone's hopes up….. I'm always trying new things and some work and some don't.   I will likely try the Functional Dr. to see what they say and give it a try to see if it is a piece of my puzzle.  If I can make any progress on the than it is worth the hassle and money to not live the rest of my life like this.

    Wishing you all a great day!


  • Jen

    I'm trying it now for asthma instead of going on the prednisone the Dr. is recommending just to see

    @Leslie Ann Does your doctor know you aren't using the prednisone and are trying the supplement instead?

  • Leslie Ann

    @Jen  Hi Jen and thank you for asking about me.  My Dr. says he trusts me to start using prednisone if everything else isn't working and then I am to contact him and let him know how I'm doing after the fact.  I told him about the tumeric/ginger/black pepper and he didn't object but also wasn't excited ;-)  However, my Kaiser spine specialist recommended the same type of supplement for my back pain as it is a strong and more safe anti inflammatory than NSAIDS so I feel very comfortable taking it and so far feel very good.

  • RedCoog

    Hi Leslie Ann,

    has the tumeric/ginger/black pepper combo given you any heart burn problems?

    im about to start taking some turmeric suppliments and I just wonder about the effects to my gut lol!


  • Leslie Ann

    This combo is very effective for me… i have used it for dental work pain, migraines and I feel it calms down asthma inflammation though this is harder to know for sure as it will take more time to know this is what is helping me feel better.

    I've had to work my way to the recommended dosage.  So I started smaller and always with food and my body now handles the higher doses better.  The only time I had a bit of heartburn was I took it right before bed without food.  My personal opinion is that if it is an anti inflammatory then it should be beneficial to all body systems, including the gut but of course if you have an esophogus which doesn't close all the way at the bottom, or a stomach that empties slowly then you could have some of the spicyness come into your throat if you lay down soon after and have no other food in your stomach.

    I hope it works for you  🙂

  • K8sMom2002

    @Leslie Ann, so glad you can work with your doctor and figure what supplements work with your particular health picture. 

    @RedCoog, just a suggestion for you to check with your doc and your pharmacist before starting a supplement. Some foods or supplements can interact with the medications people take. Turmeric is great as a spice, and it's becoming popular as a supplement, but just like other supplements, . 

    Same goes with other foods. Green leafy veggies are good for you, but may cause problems if you're on a blood thinner. . .