Fourth of July/Canada Day plans?

So for everyone here in the US, it's the weekend of the Fourth — and of course for our Canadian buddies, tomorrow is Canada Day … how do you plan to celebrate?

This year I'm lucky enough to have a four day holiday, so I plan to celebrate by holding a "porch railing party." That's right — I plan on installing a new porch railing on my front porch. I'm hoping my lungs and the weather agree with my plans!

We usually have a fairly low-profile day-of celebration … my sister or I grill something outdoors then we eat inside, and then we go see our local fireworks show. I stay far enough away to avoid triggers from the smoke from the fireworks, and I've learned from hard experience that I need to make sure I'm out of the line of sight of any flashing police lights from cruisers directing traffic — triggers a migraine almost instantly. 

DD usually sticks with the indoors due to her grass and pollen allergies and she makes sure she takes her allergy meds before we head for the fireworks.

AAFA had a really … it's a great reminder on how to make the holiday work for you!


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  • Jen

    Well….I'm working Sat, Mon and Tues  Other than that, maybe a little pool time and catching up on housework.  Dh and I are also planning to go shopping for a new van.  We've had our Odyssey for 12 years now.  It's seen better days and we'd like something a little bigger, so we're going to check out the Ford Transit.  There aren't too many dealers that carry them, so we may be trekking around the Baltimore-DC area quite a bit.

  • Kathy P

    GL van shopping! I replaced my nearly 20 year old van earlier this year. Actually, didn't replace per session – that became the kids' vehicle.We are heading to San Diego to visit family and friends. Leaving today after As doctor appointment. We have to drive back on the 4th since she has to be back at camp/work on the 5th.

  • Jen

    We ended up driving all the way to Virginia only to be told there was a recall on the van we want, so they are on a "stop sale."  So…since we were already there, we started on some paperwork and will be first in line to purchase it once it has been repaired – which could be 2-4 weeks.  The good thing is that we should be able to handle anything else electronically and they will deliver the van to us.  

    Once I'm off work, we'll be prepping dinner.  We're having chips w/ cucumber avocado salsa, chicken wings, pulled pork, corn on the cob and baked beans.  For dessert, we may try these friend Twinkies I picked up at Sams Club a few weeks ago.  Possibly some pool time after dinner and then sparklers and small fireworks when it gets dark.

    Hope everyone else is having a great holiday!