Flying out of the country

Hi! I am wondering if anyone has tips on flying out of the country. I’m taking my nebulizzer, but on the plane is a little different. Thanks Jeana 


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  • Melissa G

    Jeana I have never flown out of the country with a nebulizer. I have tagged some others who may have. I am sure they will post soon. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Jeana, could you reach out to the Transportation Security Administration and ask for their input? A great resource would be the .

    Another thing that may help is if you reach out to the American consulate or embassy in each of the countries you'll have a layover or that you will be staying. These staff members fly back and forth frequently, and they hear from people who have recently flown, so they can advise you on the best course of action.

    Plus, it's always great to give the consulate or embassy a heads up if you have a chronic medical condition. That way, if you need to fly home quickly, they may be able to help. 

    I'm excited for you! I would love to be able to travel more! Is this for work or education or a vacation?

  • Pljohns

    Jeana-I haven't flown out of the country but I have with a nebulizer that had to stay with me along with the meds for it and  a lot of other nebulized meds.  The guy at TSA and I got to know each other on a first name basis.  They recommend that I  have the bag that you have it in tagged somehow.  I customized a luggage tag with the medical insignia on it in bright red and above it had  "medical equipment" .  The tag I got already had the legal code on the back for why it had to be allowed to stay with you.  I also had with me a letter from my doctor stating why I had to have it with me.  It worked like a charm-had no issues at all.

    good luck and I hope you enjoy your trip!

  • Jeana

    Hi , thanks for the information! Were did you get your bag ? I will look for something other wise to use. And the tag? Thanks again 

  • Pljohns

    I'm using just a plain old duffel bag that I had and just hooked the tags on the outside.  I actually ended up with 3 tags (at TSA's suggestion)-one for the medical equipment, for for medications and one for temp. sensitive meds(it was in a cooler inside the duffel).  I customed the tags from luggage pros.


    Here's the medical equipment one on amazon-come to think of it, I think I actually got it from amazon because it already said what I needed it to say.

    I did A LOT of pre-planning because I was so afraid of TSA at the airport and we were flying out of a city other than home and I knew there was no way I could fix something if there was a problem in a city that I knew nothing about.  I wanted to make sure I had everything exactly like they told me to and it worked out great.  Our son had more problems than I did-he forgot to take his belt off and had to be patted down!  Now, they did go through everything in my bag but it was all labeled and they cleared it with no problems.

  • Jeana

    Thanks for all the help and website, I found them on amazon and ordered one. Thanks again it was very helpful. 

  • Melissa G

    @Jeana glad you were able to get some useful information. Keep us updated on how your trip goes. 

  • Kathy P

    I flew to Spain with my neb. It all packs into it's own case and I can store a week's worth of ampules in there as well. At the time, I only had 1 med that I took 3 times a day. 

    At TSA / security, I needed to take the case out and put it in a bin. It wasn't a big deal, but it meant I had to pack strategically so I could easily get things out. 

    I have food allergies, so I also travel with food.

    Do I recall you said you were going to Russia? Anywhere else? I have contact info for an asthma organization in Moscow. I can dig it up if you'd like. I met them at an international asthma research advisory board. 

  • Anne P

    My daughter flew to Iceland last year, and we flew to Ireland and Italy many times.  We have a battery operated nebulizer (Aeroneb Go, to be specific).  We carried it on board along with the nebulizer vials, Epi-Pens and other allergy meds.  We had notes from the doctor and had no issues at all.

  • Kathy P

    I didn't have a doctor's note, but I did make sure I had all of the original Rx labels and packaging. I collapsed the boxes to fit them in more efficiently.