Flare up

I took 3 prednisone today because I had a flare up. For some reason i feel like it's not helping with my breathing/heavy chest. I also have a nebulizer and ventolin. Should I just wait it out? . I took prednisone about an hour ago



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  • Melissa G

    Oh Milena, I am so sorry you are struggling! Have you reached out to your doctor and let them know what is going on? What does your asthma action plan you should do?

  • Shea

    How are you feeling now? Did you do the nebulizer treatment? What mg prednisone did you take and are you on a regular amount or do you just keep prednisone for emergencies? (I keep prednisone for emergencies).. But you should definitely folow up with your doctor or see if you can get ahold of an on call dictir because theyre so much more capable of answering that question. Id err on the side of caution because asthma is a serious thing.. Do you have someone with you or able to check in on you? When I am flared up I usually have to get a steroud shot in the butt and start a taper from a high dose to knock out the inflammation. 

  • Milena

    Yes I did the nebulizer treatment. The prednisone kinda started working after 3 hours. I do keep some for emergencies 20mg. I think I need to go get a polumanary test.

  • Pljohns

    Milena-hope you are feeling better.  I keep pred for emergencies as well and I always have my neb with levabuterol.  Please follow up with your doctor today or soon.

  • K8sMom2002

    Milena, hope you're feeling better and you have been able to hear back from your doc. My doc uses the "asthma zone" guide as part of her plan.

    One thing my doc has really stressed is that if I don't get better and out of the yellow zone after ONE hour, I am to refer back to my asthma action plan and call her. My DD's allergist is the same.

    And if I am in the RED zone (medicine is NOT helping and breathing is hard), I am to call her AT ONCE — even if it's after hours, I'm to call the after hours number, and then head to the ER.