Last spring our oldest was diagnosed with exercised induced asthma.  Apparently she had been having problems for a couple of years and never said anything.  Gotta love teenagers. She played softball last year and did with remembering to take her inhalers and her antihistamine. Well today is the first day of softball practice, as she was leaving she said "I even remembered to take xyzal and my inhalers". I am so thankful she is finally seeing the light and being proactive in keeping her asthma under control.


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  • Tiffany F.

    that is a relief as a mom!   I do NOT want to wish away my daughters toddlerhood but am so looking forward to when she's old enough to communicate better about how she feels.

  • Shea

    Melissa, that is great that she is taking on some of the responsibility and becoming more open about talking about her asthma. And awesome of you to have encouraged that and complimented her! WTG!!!

    I am hoping my son will be that way with his allergies, he is only 6 now, and he is good at communicating with me about his reactions, and even about having relatives check with me first about foods, so I hope he does it with his friends too as he gets older. I recently signed us up for a co-op group that uses great allergy-awareness practices so I hope that being part of that community reinforces the practices we have started at home. 

  • Melissa G

    Tiffany, I hear ya! It is harder when they are younger, but at times I wish my kids were younger. 

    Shea, it will come. My son is 15 and has done well since he was younger about asking about food. When ever we go out to eat, as he has gotten older, I make sure he is the one inquiring about food containing nuts and cross-contamination. He was reluctant at first, but has gotten much better about it. Good luck with the co-op! That sounds like a lot of fun!