Father’s Day plans

What is everyone doing this weekend?  

We will celebrate Father's Day with my parents on Sunday.  They are coming over to our house and we will bring in some food, most likely from Mission BBQ.  After Mother's Day – long wait for food, ds getting cranky, etc – we decided that eating in would be better.  Honestly, that's always my preference on busier days at restaurants.

How are you celebrating Father's Day?  How will you factor in asthma and allergies?


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  • Kathy P

    We are going up to the city for the weekend. We'll head up Saturday afternoon and check in to our hotel. We are meeting up with an old friend for dinner before we all head to see another friend who is a jazz singer. Jazz singer friend is in town for a show and CD release. I picked the restaurant for dinner since I know I can safely eat there.

    We'll be doing a fair amount of walking (SF is built on hills!). It's also supposed to be super hot across the whole area. Ugh.

    We are taking our trail bikes with us and plan on biking around the Presidio on Sunday. I haven't really explored that area, so looking forward to it. Have to pack lots of snacks and water! I never if I'll find safe food.

  • K8sMom2002

    Father's Day for us was quiet, just like DH likes it! We had Father's Day lunch (which ran late because we went to church), and then he stretched out the rest of the "celebration" over the rest of the afternoon and early evening, as he usually does. 

    Lunch was fried shrimp — DD did that for him based on my sister's panko-breading recipe, cole slaw, green beans, sliced tomatoes and French fries. We had ice cream for dessert (which he had to wait on because he was SO full from eating SO much shrimp!). 

    This year I actually managed to pick good clothes for him! We bought him some pants and belts that were on sale, and we got just the right size. 

    He wanted to take a day trip to the coast, but he had to work and DD had to help with Children's Church, so that meant that fitting in the trip was a bit much — it's two hours down to where he wanted to go and two hours back.

    We'll celebrate with my dad on Tuesday when we go for DD's birthday supper — since her birthday always falls around Father's Day, they frequently get all lumped together, and everybody is a pretty good sport about that.