Facebook profile frame for May

Does AAFA have a facebook profile photo frame coming up for the month of May for asthma awareness? if so I want to be sure to use it.  Wanted to suggest one if there isn't  I see a ton for autism awareness


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  • Kathy P

    Thanks for the suggestion! Yes we are trying to have one available! We are still finalizing all of our shareable images.

  • Kathy P

    Hey @Lemon Harris - just wanted to make sure you saw that we posted our profile frame to Facebook yesterday - 

    We are also planning a memorial one that we hope to have soon.

  • Lemon Harris

    @Melissa G  @Kathy P I seen that one awhile back but not what I am looking for.   I am looking for May is National Asthma awareness month.  That asthma warrior one has been on there awhile and first of all I am not an asthma warrior, thats not what I want to tell people I want to create awareness for the month.  And second it is not created correctly, it puts the photo almost smack dab in the middle of your image.  Need a new one.