I am going on a vacation to California in April (decided on it last night at 3am. Couldn’t sleep yet again.). I was wondering, for those of you with exercise induced asthma, if any of your do swimming or water aerobics? I was thinking of trying it. There is NO way I am going on this trip looking like this. lol

I haven’t gone to the gym in a while because it was embarrassing. I would be in the back and wheezing like crazy and people were constantly asking if I was ok. I was basically. Only once , during the weight lifting class,  did I have to quickly go to the locker room because I was going to faint. I just couldn’t breathe. I am not out of shape, but people at the gym look at me like I am. Maybe I should just train at home. It would be less embarrassing. 


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  • Kathy P

    I have exercise induced asthma. My exercise of choice is hiking or biking. I don't do well with indoor pools as the warm, humid chlorine smell is overwhelming for me. 

    I started really exercising almost 2 years ago. It was a rough start until I got my asthma under better control and dialed in my pretreatment plan. Now I only have issues when things are flared.

    Where are you planning to visit in CA? I currently live in the Bay Area but used to live in San Diego. So if you need suggestions or recommendations, let me know!

  • Dar007

    I was thinking maybe the humidity and chlorine might be a problem. I might buy one pass and see how it goes. 

    I went to LA last May with a friend and now I want to go, rent a car, and just explore on my own. I loved it. My friend knew this guy who lived there, and he was so nice to pick us up after work and show us all around the city! She looked annoyed, but I was so happy to see parts of LA I wouldn’t have seen. Then our last two days, I rented a car and we got so lost…but it was great! Getting lost  in Beverly Hills is not so scary. Lol  

    San Diago is a must see next time I am down. I love to explore. Went to a bookstore my friend who lives in both LA and NYC said famous people go to. (I love to read). It was so fun. Went to the premiere of the new Star Wars movie Solo. OH!!! And I love pie…found a place called House of Pies!!! I was in heaven!!! haha I have lived. 

  • Kathy P

    There is a cute little town called Julian that is east of San Diego .We stop on our way to the desert. It's a really cute little town to wander around for a bit. If you are up for a road trip - 

  • K8sMom2002

    Yay on your trip! Exploring is a fabulous kind of trip to have! 

    I hear you on struggling to figure out exercise and trying to get in shape with asthma. I have exercise-induced asthma as well.

    Do you think you could talk to your doc about the struggles you've had in the past? Maybe your doc could work with you to help you get a good strategy in place.

    On the water aerobics… many closed in pools give me trouble, but others are not so bad. I think it has to do with the level of chlorine and the ventilation. Some people don't seem to be bothered at all by pools, so I'm guessing it's one of those things that is different from person to person. Could you talk to some water aerobic providers and see how they have things set up for people with asthma? 

    Also, could you start very small and work up? After my last big asthma exacerbation and pneumonia, I couldn't exercise outdoors, so I started walking indoors. I've gotten so used to "talking and walking" that every time I pick up my cell phone to call a friend or family member, I start walking up and down the hall. You can get a lot of steps in!

  • Wheezy Me

    Hello DAR,

    Enjoy your trip! Sounds you're gonna have a great time!

    Regarding your question: I love indoor pools- all that warm vapor makes me feel like I'm exercising inside a nebulizer. I used to do so regularly but stopped due to technical reasons.

    I prefer training indoors, too.

    And about people's reaction in the gym: no one has the right to make you feel embarrassed! The fact that you have asthma and go there is not trivial at all. Some would just give up exercising but you don't- you can be proud! And if they ask, you can tell them. When my tennis teammates found out about my asthma they just said it's great asthma doesn't stop me.