EpiPen coupon/savings card

I had to get a new EpiPen as my old one expired, and the pharmacist told me about an EpiPen savings card. I was able to download it and get my EpiPen for FREE!! Just wanted to share this in case it could help someone else! 

Here's the link to the website and the savings card: 



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  • Melissa G

    That is great news Dory! Did you have any problems with getting an epi-pen? I am not sure what the status of the shortage is.

    We used the epi-pen coupon back in the spring, saved us a bunch of money! 

  • dory2005

    I got the last one they had at our pharmacy. Not sure how long the back order will be, but I realized today mine expired in September, so I was a little worried about not getting one in time for our trip tomorrow.

  • Pljohns

    i've used that coupon before too-there is also one for the generic epi pens

    This link has a coupon for the name brand and the generic-mine didn't cost anything either!