End of Summer Plans…and asthma

What do people have planned for the rest of summer?  Any special precautions you need to take?  How do you carry your meds while out and about?

My family and I are going camping for a week. One last hurrah before the kids go back to school in less than a month. Oldest dd will have her epipens and Zyrtec, we will read labels, etc. 

Let us know what you have planned  




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  • Allison

    I bought season passes to a major amusement park and have yet to use them! (It was a special deal that equaled a one-day admission, so if I manage twice it is still worth it.) This is the year that my kid is *finally* tall enough to ride ALL the rides! 

    I am hoping for next weekend. Since I generally don't go on these fear-inducing upside-down rides (but I guess I will) can someone remind me, what is the best way to attach quick-relief asthma inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors, etc to yourself? I am not sure if they allow waist belts, because that is where the safety bars and straps come down.

    Maybe we all need cargo shorts with zippered pockets. 


  • Kathy P

    Most times when they restrict what you can carry/wear on rides, there will be cubby to stash stuff in. Those always make me nervous, but we've used them many times and never lost anything.

  • Jen

    Pretty sure Karli wore her amphipod belt on those rides, though we may have had the epis stashed in her backpack.