Electronic Cigarettes and Risk to Teens with Asthma

A new study published online in CHEST Journal, researchers analyzed data from approximately 12,000 youth diagnosed with asthma regarding their exposure to cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, electronic nicotine delivering systems (ENDS) as well as to secondhand smoke and ENDS aerosol exposure. The study found that: 

  • Overall, 21% of youth with asthma reported having an asthma attack in the past 12 months and 33% reported secondhand ENDS aerosol exposure
  • In a weighted chi-square test, exposure to secondhand ENDS aerosols was associated with reporting an asthma attack (P<0.01)
  • In a multivariable logistic regression model, the association between secondhand exposure to ENDS aerosols and asthma exacerbations remained significant (AOR 1.27; 95% CI 1.11-1.47), after controlling for demographics, individual tobacco product use, and secondhand smoke exposure. 

"This study documents an association between secondhand exposure to ENDS aerosol and asthma exacerbations among youth with asthma," Bayly and co-authors concluded. "Families may believe exposure to aerosols from ENDS to be benign. However, while this relationship is further elucidated, health professionals may wish to counsel asthmatic youth and their families regarding the potential risks of ENDS use and exposure to ENDS aerosols." 

For members with children who have asthma, has your health care provider discussed health concerns resulting from electronic cigarette use or exposure?


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  • carolicase

    As someone in college with asthma- my doctors have brought it up! I def notice my asthma get worse when I am around people smoking and have had to use my rescue inhaler from time to time unfortunately!

  • Melissa G

    I agree! Our ped's office is fantastic! They talk to the kids about everything. They are very personable and the kids feel comfortable talking with them. 

  • Shea

    Id like to know more… My sister boyfriend vapes around Tommy and I and I thought it was safe but I did have to use my inhaler more and found myself avoiding being near it when he is doing it. I think I will change our policy and not be near him when he does it because I thought it wasnt unsafe before.

  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks for posting this study, Brenda! It jibes with my few experiences being around people who smoke e-cigarettes. For me, it's like being around a chemical or a perfume.

    I'm amazed at how many people, especially how many YOUNG people, smoke! I love some of the facts and figures that I read in AAFA's blog post about how .

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Hi Cynthia. I cannot get over all the young people I see smoking everywhere I go. The health risks for all of us is the number one concern. But then I wonder where they come up with all that money. Smoking is an expensive, deadly habit. 

    Please don't smoke.

    It's not a joke.

    You'll make us all choke.

    In the end you'll go broke.

    That was my bad poem of the day. Hey—- it's Monday. What can I say?