Eat to beat inflammatory flares for Asthma and Arthritis.

I have Allergic Asthma and also inflammatory arthritis that has not been  100% identified. Thursday I had a MRI on my left shoulder and I have the written report but need to talk with the Rheumatologist about what needs to be done. My diagnosis is acromioclavicular joint osteoarthritis. Along with bone spurs, tendonitis, bursitis, and possible minor tears  in a couple tendons. While I was in the Rheumatologist office on Tuesday they have a tv with informative information about how to manage inflammation. 

So my question to anyone who has asthma and arthritis. What foods do you eat to help you fight flares-ups? Where do you find recipies to help you eat more fruits and vegetables? 



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  • GigiGibson

    Hi, I did the AIP protocol and wahls diet for several months to reset my gi system (per se). I did see benefits. Look it up on Phoenix helix and Pinterest. Basically eat cruciferous veggies and high density nutrition meats. 

  • Kathy P

    That's a really good question Marie and I don't think there are many (if any) good studies. 

    My allergy doc has recommended tumeric for my son and I. I add ginger to it.  I use to make a tonic of lemon, ginger and turmeric. I would freeze it as small ice cubes and we'd *** those to sparkkspa water. I need to get back to it. I tend to do things as whole foods instead of supplements. We still eat a lot of ginger, but I usually forget to buy turmeric. I flavor my kombucha with ginger and lemon.

  • Kathy P

    As for recipes – what do and don't you like?Or what are you trying to eat more of. I do a lot with kale – kale chips, kale salad, soups with kale added….

    I also use s lot of ginger and turmeric in stir fry and curries. 

  • Shea

    I have a sensitive digestion and allergies, so there is no "diet" out there that I can just jump into and believe and have it work for me. I do like to read about health benefits of food, and studies (because there are a lot of real studies out there)– but I recommend the listening to your body approach, and eating fresh and organic when possible. I have noticed my digestion and taste really does like the organic brown eggs better and the A2 or lactose-free milks better, and the organic brown sugar. 

    My son has oral allergy syndrome and I have a lot of fruit allergies, as well as nut allergies, so juicing or "eating lots of fruits and nuts"– not good advice for us lol. But sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) and certsin fruits that dont cross react with the top pollens/allergens that time of year– that is good advice. Limiting red meats to good quality grass-fed beef once a week– that is good for us. Not just "eating fish" (because high-mercury fish or raw seafood or high sulfite seafood like shrimp– is not good for us)… Are advice and what applies to us is so particular at times it drives ne crazy but it has helped just taking it a meal at a time and finding what works. I am still searching for foods and recipes too.


  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Marie … diet can be a big part of improving health. Could you talk to your doctor about what diet would be right for you? Perhaps your doc could recommend a registered dietitian to help you improve your overall diet?

    What my doc has told me is that eating less of processed foods and more of any fruit and vegetable, especially leafy greens, is good for anyone without an allergy to those foods.

    It's kind of funny … my mom was a huge believer in eating lots of veggies, especially leafy greens, and she was suspicious of eating "things in boxes or bags." As more and more studies about nutrition come out, it sounds like she may have been on to something.

    One of the largest studies about diet that I know of would have to be a study done by Harvard: . Harvard's health site also had an article called .

    But food is only one part of the picture … following your doctor's complete plan is really important … and also knowing which foods can interfere with any medicines you may be taking is also important. 

    What veggies do you like? How have you tried cooking them?

  • Marie E Natzke

    K8SMOM2002, Shea, Kathy P, GIGIGIBSON,

    Thanks everyone for your imput. I've been trying to eat a salad everday. Lettuce, radishes, carrots. I've been eating more fruit. Cuites, pears, peaches, pineapples. Apples.  I've been mixing the fruit with yogurt and having that for lunch.  I also like blueberries, rasberries, cranberries.    I've heard that about ginger and tumeric. Not sure how to handle ginger and tumeric. Do you just cut, chop, dice some up and mix it in? 

    I'm taking my meds like I'm supposed to. With not being able to take the celebrex anymore because of the allergic reaction to it. I can't take anything else but tramadol or prednisone. Tramadol knocks me out too much. I cut the pills and take 1/4 of a pill. Per my Dr's ok to do so. But don't like taking it. And we all know what prednisone is like…. So I'm looking into what I can eat to help reduce inflammation. I found a caffeine drink that has no sugar or artificial sugar in it. So I'm trying to get away from coke a cola. once I break away from sodas I can get away from caffiene.   I also have been drinking Hint. Fruit flavored water also no sugars. I also know I can't eat deli meat unless there's no nitrates in it. I can't eat hotdogs anymore. If I do say them I wake up during the night coughing. 

    I talked with the Rheumatologist tonight. He feels my MRI results isn't really bad but it's not ok either. Whatever arthritis this is, it is active again. He doesn't want to give me another injection in the shoulder right now he wants to wait a couple months. He doesn't want to send me to an orthopedic surgeon yet. So he wants me to take 1—2.5 mg pill of prednisone a day for a couple weeks and see if that helps. i have to laugh a little. Orthopedic Drs and rheumatologist s give very low doses of prednisone. But allergists give much higher doses of it and think nothing of it. With this arthritis i need the lower doses instead. it's too hard to get off of it and it usually flares my arthritis if I taper too fast off of it. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Sorry for some of these typo in sitting on my bed icing my ankle and shoulder so I use my kindle to check email and check in with all of you. But it keeps changing words on me…I try to catch it but sometimes I miss what it's changed!!!

  • GigiGibson

    Ginger is easy to slip in as a dressing or drink. I make lemon ginger “tea”. I use a big chunk of ginger sliced thin and boiled a good ten to 15 minutes then cooled completely. Boil probiotic ginger lemon tea bags (3-5) and then add to a sliced lemon or two, the ginger liquid and add water and agave Til it tastes right. Everyone who tries it loves it! 

    For dressing use a juicer machine and combine a thumb sized piece of peeled ginger, 1/2 cup oj, juice of one lemon, 1 tsp worstershire and two cloves of garlic. Add one carrot, one piece of celery and one half onion. Add water to taste.  Dip carrots and celery in it or pour over salad greens. 

    Third option is golden latte. Google recipes. 

  • Shea

    Marie, that rheumatologist dose does seem very low of a dose of prednisone… Allergists usually know when you come on flared you need a certain amount to knock out the inflammation and then taper– but that taper is the difficult part. I wonder why he/she wants to wait a couple of months– to me if it is inflamed and bothering you, then getting the inflammation under control should be a first step and taper should be the second– not Super low dose to see if that knocks out all the inflammation. That is how people have prescribed prednisone to me, at least, but mine is not arthritis–the inflammation for my disease is in small blood vessels, lungs, heart, all vital organs. I know shots last a while too when they are directed in a location so maybe thete is still some in there working? I am just curious as to why the rheumatologist thinks that and not, lets knock out this inflammation ASAP. But zI do so like to quesrion my doctors now a days because of my past.

    My doctors do not always speak logic to me. Some just want their "specialty" organ to work (like, here take these inhaled steroids for your lungs) great I can breathe better, but that doesnt help the rest of me-  or they just want to give me a "typical" treatment for a person who has a had a heart attack–well mine wasnt cause from eating bacon or emotional stress– it was from allergic blood cells surroundung my heart and choking it– that involves different treatment, and I have asthma and fatugue and this meficine and thst and they all have contraindications eith yoyr med you prescribed here… Whats up with that– now I am in tbe ER having an ER doctor telling me this!

    Prednisone orally is kinda going everywhere– but targetted at your shoulder seems like a better use of it and THEN, as it us wearing off you start weaning off an oral dose, it seems oral would help because there would be smaller and smaller amounts of inflammation so you could help your body cope with that and jeep it under control. That makes sense to me. 

    One thing I know from my disease is that throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire doesn't help. Nor does waiting for an overgrown campfire to turn into a forest fire. I just WISH there was a surgery I could do for my current  disease.

    When I was younger (age 13) I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and I could not wean off prednisone without fkaring and bleeding and misery…. So finally I had major intestinal surgery at age 16 ( had colon removed and a jpouch reconstruction with my small intestine to act as an artificial large intestine) and I was good after that–until 26 when I chronically flared my allergies so badly– but still the ulcerative colitis is gone. It was not fun having surgery for sure– and I was younger then– but I am sooooo over this disease right now. I think back then– first of all my mom was really trying to change my diet to eat better –she started juicing alot and having me eat salads– right after my surgery is when my food allergies came out. Most of them are on the list for oral allergy syndrone for birch pollen allergy: apples, grapes, peaches– started off as stomach aches and then vomiting then hives then anaphlaxis– And peanuts too. I had drank apple juice with most dinners and peanuts was a regular in my diet before the surgery. For a while I thought it was the surgery that caused the allergies, but then I started thinking it was me eating these foods SO often, these foods that cross react with the pollens, that I am now blatantly systematically allergic to, that led to the ulcerative colitis to begin with. They are all also high pesticide crops (on the Dirty Dozen list) and I didnt even know what organic was back then. I live in a high pollen state, was going through puberty, and eating a good dose of pesticides with my food.. All with bleeding inflamed intestines and trying to taper too quickly on the prednisone. Years later things come to light. Hallelujah. It takes anaphlaxis or a heart attack for me to "get it" but eventually I catch on. Anyways that was a tangent– I just want to say–ask questions to your doctor and make sure you get the plan and work in tandem with them– because when I give doctors too much credit… I get sick… And when I dont give them enough… I get sick… But I find I do best when I can work with them and say I am not comfortable eith thst, or I dont get that, or I was doing good until this dose or this event…. You probably already do that–most people do–  It is hard for me to because when I am sick I am usually tired, a little pessimistic, and brain foggy.


  • K8sMom2002

    Marie, I like to cook with ginger and turmeric. With the ginger, I like to make DIY Chinese food … you peel ginger and dice it into tiny pieces (it's hot and spicy if you bite into it.) Or you can peel it, freeze it and grate it with a microplane.

    You can use it like you would garlic, in a sense — heat your oil of choice, add the ginger to the oil, sizzle it a bit, then add whatever veggies you like and stirfry. Or you can add it to meat.

    I like ginger snaps as well — and ginger ale. Kroger has a brand of sugar-sweetened ginger ale that we get for DD, who is allergic to corn. There won't be much ginger in ginger ale, but, hey, it's something.

    With turmeric, one of my favorite recipes is yellow rice – I'm sure you could use it with brown rice instead of white, but I usually cook it with white rice for the speed and convenience. Here's an — I usually tweak it and add lots of veggies (stir fried mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes) instead of the peas. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Thanks everyone for the info. I'll pick some ginger and turmeric up over the weekend.

    Shea the reason why the prednisone dose is low is because of being on Lefunomide generic for Ariva. It's a disease modifying drug.or immune system suppressor. I'm also on montelukast which also effects your immune system . Because of being on these drugs I have to be careful with the prednisone ( also effects your immune system). Some of these arthritis drugs, when you are taking them they also interact with your other drugs and they intensify the side effects of all the drugs your on. I can't take celecoxib anymore (allergic to it) so I'm very limited in what I can take for pain. He also gives me tramadol but I don't like taking it makes me too dopey even though I cut the pills in half. Tramadol is an opioid and I don't want to use it too often. He had given me a injection in my shoulder in November. The injection was a steroid. Doctors can only give 3 steroid injections in a 12 month period. I've already had 2 shots in 4.5 months. He had to give me a shot in my left ankle last week. I have tendonitis there as well. Also having joint pain in the ankle.  If he over uses the steroid injections it can thin the tendons which I don't need that to happen. Some people develop tumors if they have too many injections. Actually 2.5 mg is a strong dose. I thought my spine surgeon was going to fall off his chair when I told him I was give 60 mg of prednisone in the ER after the asthma attack and sent home with 50 mg a day for 6 days. Then 2 weeks later given 40 mg for 5 days. He said no wonder I didn't feel pain right after the asthma attack when the disk in my neck ruptured. 

    Thanks for the recipes and ideas like I said I'll pick some up over the weekend and see how I do with them. Today was a bad arthritis and asthma day for me. It was in the 20's yesterday …today in the 40's with rain. Dust count is very high and the mold and pollen are up there too. 

  • Shea

    Gotchaaaaa… That makes sense then. I have been stuck on 20mgs for my Churg-Strauss Syndrome–but my labs arent too bad and my bones arent too bad, and its been keeping me able to do my daily activities– I have a followup with my rheumatologist soon–I am hoping to get some labs done soon to see if I am OK to come down on the prednisone a bit. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Marie, do you have to avoid all NSAIDs or just celecoxib? I ask because Toradol (not Tramadol, but TORADOL) has been a lifesaver for me to get past some really acute pain due to inflammation, and to get over migraines.

    It's a "suped-up" non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that you can take for a very limited time (less than 5 days) by mouth, or your doctor can give it to you by injection. Your doctor would be best to see if it is appropriate for you (it's not appropriate for certain ages of folks or certain health conditions). 

    I keep seeing more and more advertisements for biologics for psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, and I have to wonder how amazing it is that both something like that and asthma can respond to medications that dial down the immune system.

    I hope a healthy diet that is approved by your doc and your pharmacist will give you an extra boost!

  • Shea

    This evening I ate smoked trout that I had bought from Publix (already cooked), and then I sauteed bok chok with some garlic and avacado oil and added fresh lemon juice and cilantro to both and served with Seeds of Change brown rice and crackers. I liked it but Tommy tried it all but only ate the rice and crackers– and then I got him some chocolate milk so he would have SOME type of protein… And gave him some blackberries later on since he didnt have much of a vegetable. But for me it was a success on makung something from anti-inflammatory diet lists.

    Last night was more successful– Tommy liked it– a soy-free burrito stuffed with seeds of change quinoa/rice blend, organic cheese, mild salsa, and homemade guacamole. 

    I also had success with Tommy with no nitrate added uncured bacon, and jelly on soy-free toast with fresh berrues on the side. I think that was mostly on the anti-inflammatory diets.

    Has anyone tried a dish they liked from an anti-inflammatory diet recently?

  • Marie E Natzke


    My allergist doesn't want me taking motrin, Advil because it can cause an asthma attack. I was taking it everyday every 6 hours before my 1st cervical surgery. He mentioned it to me to be careful taking them. I didn't notice a problem breathing when I took them. Until after the neck surgery. Due to bleeding healing risk with having cadaver bone to replace my disks I was not allowed to take any Motrin or Advil for 3 months after the surgery. Once it was ok for me to start taking it I noticed I was having trouble breathing. So I went to the Rheumatologist told him my problem and he thought celebrx would be ok for me. Celebrex is a sulfa based drug ( I'm allergic to sulfa antibiotics) so I think it caught up with me.  I can't take tylenol I'm allergic to it. Aspirin make my heart race too much. That's why I used caffeinated soda with my pain meds I noticed they worked faster,better but now all I'm on is the Ariva. Trying to quit drinking soda and having rough time of it. It's not that I drink a lot usually 1 can, really bad day I have more. 

    It is interesting how biologics work. I think for me it's helped me get rid of the sinus infection. I've been on Ariva for 15 months now.  No the Rheumatologist hasn't told me about that pain drug. I don't know what's on his mind as direction. When I talked with him Monday he wanted to wait a little to see if the injection helps. Even though it was in my ankle it still goes through your system. His thinking is it might help my shoulder too. He asked me if I tried biofreeze. I have but it didn't help me. I think my allergy to celebrex threw the Dr a curve he wasn't expecting.

    I see the allergist next Wednesday. I have to give him the good news about my new allergy to celebrex. Not sure why I'm not feeling ok. Could be the mold in the bathroom aggravated me? Or maybe I really have a cold….It's hard to tell since I'm on the biologic…. He didn't want to test me for food allergieallergiess because I  didn't react to any nuts etc when I I had the standard allergy testing  so they knew what to put in the allergy shots. 

    I haven't talked with anyone yet about diet changes. When I first started taking Ariva I read  up  on it and they said to increase eating fruit and veggies. Which I've been trying to do. Was a hard drug to get used to first few months were rough. When the weather is bad I hurt more when the weather is good I'm not as bad. I'm feeling it more now that I'm off the celebrex though.   Yesterday we had snow today we're supposed to have rain snow mix. The low dose of prednisone seems to be helping but I'm only on it for a couple weeks. 

    Sorry long story here. I want,need to stop drinking soda. Reduce amount of sugar intake. Help reduce inflammation, reduce sugar….

  • Shea

    Hmmm…. Switch to coffee or a tea with caffeine? My dad loves unsweetened iced tea. But he adds two packs of truvia usually. Truvia is lower cal natural sweetener that is not like the "fake sugars" out there. often my mom brews his tea fresh and that is his favorite. 

    I like coffEe with a tbsp of real sugar and a little cream–2 cups a day. A little caffeine really helps me too. 

    I am not ready to taper on my prednisone now bc I am in flare-mode again so I am just taking it extra easy. My asthma woke me up today. And through the night. I took my prednisone real early at 3am, and it helped me get back to sleep for a bit. Then a little bird kept cheeping so loudly I though he was in my house lol. Cheep cheep cheep cheep… I think he thinks hes a rooster bc it was just before sunrise. "Im like–Its Saturday Tiny Rooster!!!!" But he did not listen. (I dont think be knows english lol).  So no more sleeping…. I had a weird dream about my brother and his friend crashing in a hot air balloon. So at least I got some good REM sleep while it lasted and then got to watch the sun come up. Yay for coffee!!

  • Marie E Natzke


    I've tried coffee and I don't like it I've even tried it cold and that was just as bad. I love tea but get bad heartburn from it. So pop it is for my caffeine fix. I did find a caffeine drink called caffeinated club. It's flavored water with caffeine but it has more caffeine in it than soda. So when I drink it I can't drink it down too fast

  • Melissa G

    I have been trying very hard to kick the soda habit, but there are some days I definitely need caffeine. I found Crystal Light Energy, it has a good amount of caffeine in it. Just the jump start I need in the morning. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Thanks Melissa I'll have to check into that.  Today I picked up tumeric and Ginger.  Also bought lemon tea so I can put the Ginger in it.  I had Stouffer's Lazagna for lunch so I put a little tumeric on it.  I'm starting with only a little bit so see how I react.  Make sure there's no allergic reactions.

  • K8sMom2002

    Marie, I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself — unless it's got tons of sugar and tons of cream. A former co-worker of mine happened to take a look at some coffee I'd fixed for myself and teased, "So you take a little coffee in your cream, huh?"

    I love ginger! It has such a nice clean scent and a spicy taste. I love ginger snaps, too. Maybe I should try a gingersnap recipe with lots of fresh ginger in it?

  • Marie E Natzke

    Cynthia, lol that's funny… I'm trying to cut back on the caffeine. I think if I slept better at night I wouldn't feel the need to have it. I bought the 90 calorie coke a cola cans this past weekend. I also bought lemon tea and also bought ground ginger and it was good. Tried the turmeric too, it's a little hot for me. I saw my regular allergy Dr tonite. He told me that I should try the celebrex again. He said I might have needed a break from it. Been on it since 2012. In a lot of pain down my leg again today so I'll try it once a day maybe 2x a day is too much for me with being on the Ariva. I asked him about the lidocaine patches and he gave me the ok to try them. So I put one in my shoulder for tonight. The celebrex is already helping my leg. 

  • Kathy P

    Glad the meds are helping the leg and I hope the patch helps the shoulder. 

    How did you use the turmeric? A little goes a long way.

  • K8sMom2002

    Marie, I surely hope you can tolerate the Celebrex! I know it will really help the inflammation. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Kathy P, I didn't use too much very little in fact I added it to spaghetti and tomato sauce .

    Cynthia me too so far so good no hives or itching like I had last month. Maybe the Drs were right I just needed a break from taking it .I sure hope that's all it was. It could have been hormonal changes too. 

  • Melissa G

    Marie, so glad that there has not been any reactions so far! That is encouraging. And yeah, hormones can wreak havoc on your body. 

  • K8sMom2002

    I am so glad you're doing better with it this time around! Hives are mysterious things, aren't they? 

    Do you think the Celebrex is helping?

    On the turmeric, even when I make yellow rice, a little goes a LONG way. For a cup and a half of raw rice, I add a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, and that feeds 6 as a side dish.

    Also, one other tip — the yellow stain of turmeric is almost impossible to get out of fabric — at least for me. If anyone knows how to get it out, let me know! 

  • Marie E Natzke

    K8SMOM2002, Melissa,  yes hormone changes are hard. I'm late going into menopause and I wonder if that was my problem and not the celebrex. But I did notice I can't take celebrex with the Ariva at the same time. So I've been taking it in the morning. I was taking 2 a day now I'm only taking 1 celebrex, a day. It is helping but will take a while to get on this new schedule of taking it.

    I don't think I'll be able to take the tumeric. I didn't even use what you said to use. I felt a burning sensation in my chest and stomach. The ginger I like very much. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Melissa G, I found the crystal light at the grocery store Sunday but I can't drink it. I wish they would make drinks without artificial sugars or stevia. I can't drink any of that it causes me major problem with my colon. That way we could put the amount of sugar we want instead of the amount they  put in. 

    Turmeric is a no go for me. Ginger had been good. I even found a cranberry ginger soda taste best cold not warm.

  • Kathy P

    So much has stevia these days – I can't stand the stuff! To me it just has a nasty bitter taste. Have you considered making your own syrups to mix with water or seltzer? You can control the sugar. During the summer, I often keep several different flavors in the fridge – lemon/lime, ginger, mint.

    Bummer on the turmeric – burning sensation is never good!

    I've been doing a lot of ginger in kombucha. Today's flavor experiment was cara cara orange and ginger. I forgot to put lemon in my last batch – it was just ginger and juniper. Meh – it needs the ginger!

  • Marie E Natzke

    So my arthritis had been identified it is Ankylosing Spodilitis. I will be going on Humira starting in Friday. So reading up on what to eat. Dark fruits and veggies. While grains. Stay away from processed foods and sugar. Sugar feeds inflammation. So I've stopped drinking soda and finally found a coffee I like. Mocha coffee by McDonald's. Giving me my caffeine fix until I can get some of this pain under control.

  • LK

    Marie,  Sounds like a diet we all need to be on.  I do hope the Humira helps you a lot.  Glad you were still able to find a coffee you like.

  • LK

    I keep trying, Melissa, but somehow the chocolate keeps slipping back into my shopping cart!!  

  • Melissa G

    Lisa mine doesn't slip back in, it is thrown in…. My dh says it is for everyone's safety that I eat chocolate. He is correct. 

  • Shea

    I have such difficulty finding fruits and veggies that do not give me problems. I did try collard greens today. Tommy didn't like them but I thought they were OK. I made nitrite-free insured Sunday bacon because it is a meat that Tommy likes. He doesn't like the fresh fruit I have in the fridge but likes Peter Rabbit Organic fruit snacks made with the same fruits but mashed up together. I dont get it. I'm trying to do fresh. I did squeeze 2 lemons and made us each a big glass of lemonade (using organic sugar) so we got some vit c from that. Tommy likes yogurt–but only the sugary kids kind–Im just glad he's getting protein in. You cannot win them all. My mIgraine. Thing is to offer a balanced meal, require trying it, and have back-up things in the fridge and pantry that I know he likes. The good thing is chicken has not made Tommy sick lately which he had previously had itchiness to and vomitting. Now I am thinking it could have been salicylates which I have been reading up on that can cause this type of itchiness so I am educating myself on foods they are common in and trying to avoid them more. Work. In. Progress. 

  • LK

    Shea,  You are a very good mother and I am always so impressed with how well you are able to manage so many things for your son and yourself.  Hope you have a restful night!

  • Melissa G

    Shea you are amazing! 

    Lisa, glad I made you laugh…. My dh travels a lot. Before he leaves he buys me a stash of chocolate and hides it on top of the fridge. As Grace has gotten older, she likes chocolate too. He told her one time, this is for mommy so she is still around when I get back….

  • Marie E Natzke

    I finally found a coffee I can drink and no heartburn. Mocha coffee from McDonalds. Hot or cold. It DunkinDonuts mocha. Chocolate kills the heartburn!!!!!

  • K8sMom2002

    So glad the treat works for you, Marie!

    Shea, I'm not a fan of collard greens — I'll eat 'em, but I prefer turnip or mustard greens or even kale. (I like my kale and my spinach mostly raw.) I like cabbage, too. One of my latest express-foods veggie tricks is to take slaw mix (the cabbage and carrots already shredded) and stir fry it. 

    Let's see … what other veggies do I like? Roasted asparagus! I know — some of you hate 'em, but I love 'em. And I prefer Brussels Sprouts roasted as well. 

    Other favorite veggies:

    • okra (I buy it frozen and sliced)
    • I've really liked Kroger's frozen riced cauliflower — it's a winner in stir fries!
    • sweet potatoes (I nuke 'em in the microwave, but I prefer them in the oven), carrots — not so quick the way I make 'em, because I pan roast them with onions, basil and garlic, and it takes a while.
    • Rutabagas … I use my pressure cooker to cook them, or I dice them and roast them. 

    Expensive in our areas, so these are rare treats:

    • I like tomatillos — I'd never tried them until Kathy P suggested them, but they are mighty tasty. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who DOES like them, so I don't get them very often. 
    • the aforementioned asparagus
    • leeks
    • rhubarb

    Does anyone have a good recipe for eggplant? I so want to grow up to like eggplant, but I'm still not "big enough" yet. I keep trying. 

  • LK
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Does anyone have a good recipe for eggplant? I so want to grow up to like eggplant, but I'm still not "big enough" yet. I keep trying. 

    Cynthia,  I'm afraid I am "not big enough" yet for many veggies! I remember how you said your mom used to say that when you would not want to try a new dish.  What a smart mom!  I love some veggies but others are just ehh.  The only recipe for eggplant I know of is for Eggplant Parmesan!  Pretty sure it isn't the least bit healthy but my dad loves it at a local Italian restaurant.    I haven't tried it "yet."