Dreaded night time cough

As soon as I have the energy, it's time to deep clean my bedroom.

I'm just getting over bronchitis, but the night time cough has been lingering for weeks.

Waking up from asthma more than twice a week means my asthma is not controlled right now. 

My daytime cough has mostly gone away, but every time I'm in my bedroom, I cough again. My dogs have been sneaking into my room, so I suspect they've gotten pollen (collected on their fur) all over everything.

Or, it's time to wash my pillows again. Or something.

I'm really looking forward to sleep again. Anyone else bothered by their asthma at night?


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  • Kathy P

    I definitely get that too. I can be perfectly fine during the day then as soon as I lay down, I start to cough. I think it's partly post nasal drip and my throat relaxing as I drift off to sleep.We did a deep clean of our bedroom a few weeks ago. I think it helped….Hard to tell though.I replaced my pillows recently too. And yes I sleep with multiple to prop myself because of the post nasal drip and reflux issues. That definitely helped! I usually wash them, but that really takes its toll.Hope you can get some sleep!

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs to both and, yes, I've had that happen. Part of it for me is cooler night air, and cooler air can be a trigger for my asthma. Part of it is that we've had a month straight of high pollen alerts. Ah, ya gotta love spring.

    Hope you guys get to feeling better.

  • Mandy

    Hey Melanie, hope the coughing has subsided. I usually sleep propped up like Kathy when the coughing is keeping me up. That's been the last 3 weeks at my house so my back is sore but sleep is a must. I use a humidifier.  I find taking Ventolin as a pretreat before bed helpful (lessens the intensity of the cough). I do my sinus rinses religiously to combat any postnasal drip issues. 

    Hope you've found something that has helped!

  • QuietLady

    Hi Melanie. I have night coughs no matter how much I dust and launder, and I have no rugs or pets.  I recently tried Chloraseptic Throat Spray.  The cough is an annoyance and this spray definitely helps, with no side effects or jitters.  It also does not interfere with Ventolin if I have the need to use the inhaler.  I have been sleeping much better since I started using the throat spray.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, QuietLady! I'm glad you found something that works! How long have you been using the spray?

    I can see how quieting the tickle at the back of your throat could help — I have more of a cough-variant asthma, so if I start coughing for any reason, a lot of times that will trigger an attack. Sometimes it's hard to know whether the cough is the cause or a symptom. 

    I'm like you and slowly coming to the conclusion that rugs are just not worth it! I can wear bedroom slippers and ward off the cold bare floors, but carpets or rugs just harbor dust. 

    How long have you been managing asthma?

  • Jen

    Hi quietlady,

    Welcome to AAFA's asthma support forums.  Thanks for the tip on using throat spray.

    Mandy  - The only thing I have found with  is that I can't do them too close to bedtime.  If I do, I get some residual stuff dripping into my throat which can then cause the cough.  

  • QuietLady

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I have had asthma since childhood.  It has been a lifetime of figuring out and avoiding my triggers.  I came across the website last week when I researched the Ventolin recall.  This site is great!

    I started using the Chloraseptic Throat Spray ten months ago.  I had a cold and sore throat that seemed legendary.  I felt a little better everyday, but the cough lingered for weeks.  I used the throat spray at work during the day and it helped.  The cough finally stopped, but I noticed that I'd get these "night coughs" independent of having a cold or wheezing.  I now keep a bottle of the throat spray at my bedside.  I especially like that it does not interfere with my inhaler and there are no jitters.  When the cough starts, I use the throat spray first.  If the cough comes back (which has been rare), then I will use the inhaler.

    I love carpeting, but it just won't work for me at home.  After a period of constant wheezing a number of years ago, I finally gave up on having carpet.  I miss the warmth that comes from having carpet, but I'd rather wear slippers than wheeze.  It is also much easier to clean.  I was vacuuming everyday (exhausting) and it did not seem to make much difference.  Interestingly, the carpeting in my office does not affect me at all.

  • K8sMom2002

    QuietLady, glad this site is as helpful to you as it has been to me! 

    I love tips that are low tech and low cost and don't interfere with my other medications! 

    And interesting on the carpet in your office not being a problem. We have a whole thread about housecleaning (actually probably a lot more than just one! ) called  A couple of us on there use robotic vacuums with good results. 

    I'm thinking all carpet is not the same — different manufacturers use different materials with different dyes and different chemicals, so maybe that could be the problem. And it could be the kind of carpet — longer shag may hold more dirt, while a shorter berber style carpet might not hold as much dust. Plus-plus, it could be the age of the carpet — the longer carpet is there, the more gunk it collects, and your office may have changed it out more recently due to wear and tear. 

    I'm like you, though — bedroom slippers are much better than asthma!

  • Melanie Carver

    Thank you @QuietLady, @Mandy, @K8sMom2002, @Kathy P for your input! 

    I've been treating with albuterol and allergy meds and it is still occurring. I'm now leaning toward reflux or post-nasal drip (PND) – but I am not congested, so I don't think it is that. It may be reflux though. I'm propping myself up a little higher and trying to also avoid causing neck issues.

    You see the lengths I'll  go through to avoid cleaning my room…  

  • Ivan

    Hello…i have asthma after 17 years..i can't control it, my problem is on the day..i sleep very well when i and get up begins my problem, i use symbycort but i think doesnt work anymore i also use spira respimat…i have  2 months with this sick.i have also made many changes in my house like eliminated papers, pillow, and my sister clean the house every day, what can i do.?

    please if someone has similiar problem ..and tell me some idea to control my asthma..

  • Jen

    Hi Ivan,

    Welcome to AAFA's asthma support forum.  

    It is very frustrating when you feel like your asthma isn't being well controlled.  What type of doctor do you see for your asthma?  Do you see a pulmonologist or an allergist?

    Here is some more information about .

  • K8sMom2002

    Ivan, welcome!  It is extremely frustrating when all of a sudden your asthma is no longer under control. 

    I agree with Jen … a good doctor who has experience in treating asthma can be invaluable. 

    Do you know ? If you aren't allergic to dust mites, but are allergic to mold, for instance, then your bedroom at night may be great, but you may have a small source of mold in your bathroom that could be triggering your asthma. 

    That's just an example. I would read the and start a diary or journal about what makes my asthma worse. 

  • Ivan

    Hello jen.. i saw 3 doctor pulmonologist…when i began my treatment i could it control very well with prednizona, ventolin and flutivent but in my job use to the air conditioner to 17 grades  centigrades after a month i couldnt control . So i visited  other doctor prescribed me allegra, symbicort, and singulair, in the beginning symbicort worked very well to me… and i was getting control my asthma….but i have to visited some familiar the house was full of dust so in the night i fell down again…i continue with the treatment but i couldnt control…after 10 days i saw other dr. He prescribed me symbicort and spiriva respimat since 10 days ago.. i can walk slow..and get stairs…i think the symbicort doesnt work…i sleep very well…but when i got up…i dont feel ok….i have 2 months with the problem.. what else can i do….please help….

  • Melanie Carver

    Hi Ivan, Welcome to our community. I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles with asthma lately. Do you know what you are allergic to?Sometimes there are things you can do to avoid those items or reduce your exposure and it may help. It sounds like the Air Conditioner at your work may be bothering your lungs. I don't know what kind of work you do, but is it possible to have an air cleaner in the area that you work? Or if it is the cold air that is bothering you, on days when your asthma is flaring, could you wear a thin mask over your mouth/nose?

    I also encourage you to call your doctor and let them know about your concerns about the Symbicort. You may need your dose changed.

    How did today go for you?

  • Ivan

    Hello Melanie, i also forgot tell you, i renounce to my job a month ago, because i couldnt work like this.. i thought i was going to control my asthma doing this..but i still have the problem…when my asthma started i could control… but after a month it was not possible…maybe because i was using prednisone…

  • Kathy P

    Ivan, sorry to hear that leaving your job did not help. Are there other places that seem to make things worse? 

    I'm not sure I understand your question about Prednisone. Are you still using it? Or did you stop and you think that's why you are having problems. Does your doctor have you on a controller medicine? 

  • Ivan

    I am not taking prednisone..i just use in february… i discover my problems are with hard smell and the ice this moment i am extremely sensitive to this..if i exposed to this for few minutes i feel really bad…i was not like this……

  • K8sMom2002

    Ivan, I agree with Kathy P and Melanie that talking to your doctor is very important. Doctors need to know if a medication or treatment plan isn't helping. 

    Smells and cold air are triggers for me, too. A mask or scarf has helped me on cold days because then I breathe in warmed air. 

    I'm really sorry that leaving your job didn't help. I think it would be helpful to keep a diary or journal of every time you have an asthma attack or are feeling worse. Write down things like:

    • what you were doing just before you felt bad
    • what you were exposed to — cold air, a certain smell, a certain cleaner
    • if you're running a fever or having nasal drainage

    Also, talk to your doctor about other things that could be causing similar symptoms and ask what tests they could do to determine if it's something besides "just" asthma.

    Writing all this information down day by day will give your doctor a way to find patterns, and patterns will help the doctor discover possible causes. 

  • Ivan

    One question i want to buy a new eiderdown ..that i have it is very old..the new must be????

    100% algodon

    100 % polyester

    100 % microfiber

    100% hipoallergenic

    after i use my inhalator..i am feeling better during the day..i sleep well but i get up in the morning feeling me bad.


    is a good idea use a deshumedifier?…



  • K8sMom2002

    Ivan, when it comes to buying new linens or other asthma friendly products, I would suggest checking out products that have been certified by the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program. 

    The asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program, administered by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) in partnership with the international research organization, Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), is an independent program created to scientifically test and identify consumer products that are more suitable for people with asthma and allergies. You can find certified products and services such as carpet cleaning, flooring, vacuums and more at . 

    I believe they have a way to search for linens, which would include bedding like eiderdowns. 

  • Kathy P

    @Ivan - have you found a new eierdown? I'm not sure what the best fabric and filling choice is, but it has to be washable! We have a separate comforter (the inner, fluffy part) and then a cover that I made from matching sheets. I take the cover off every few weeks to wash and wash the actual comforter once every other month or so. It seems to work well for me.

    My nighttime cough is back! UGH! I'm not sure what is triggering it. I suspect allergies. It seems to start as soon as I lay down, so also could be reflux/GERD. Or maybe that's just what makes it worse. Most nights, it starts pretty much as soon as I lay down in bed. I wind up taking a cough suppressant and that stops it. I just hate having to keep adding another med.