Dragon Breath: Concerns About Foods Made with Liquid Nitrogen


One recent food trend has some people concerned: adding liquid nitrogen right before eating to create the effect of smoke. It may sound fun, but is it safe, especially for people with asthma?

In their newest blog post, AAFA asked its members for their thoughts about this new trend. The FDA has also recommended that people should avoid consuming these foods.

Has anyone seen or tried these new foods–perhaps in a shopping mall kiosk or at a restaurant? 


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  • LK

    Wow!  That sounds like how people generations ago used ether (laughing gas) at parties for "fun"!  Sure hope this is a passing fad, too.

  • tlb2002

    My niece got a fruity "smoky" drink when we went out for her birthday. She doesn't have asthma but it still made me nervous. My first concern was frostbite! Not worth the risk for me — asthma or not.