Does your workplace have rules saying no perfume/no scent/no tobacco?

I'm seeing more and more signs up in businesses and offices saying "No!" to perfumes. I know a lot of our teachers in our school system really pushed for that after kids started using those high powered body sprays. 

And many places now are smoke free, but some aren't, or the rules aren't enforced.

Does your workplace have any rules in place to protect their workers who have asthma? How have the rules worked out?


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  • Kathy P

    I've seen it in employee handbooks. I don't know how well it's enforced.

    Does anyone have it in their employee handbook/rules? How does your workplace enforce it? Or don't they and it causes you issues?

  • K8sMom2002

    I had a former boss — a really good and patient man — who moved onto another position. In that position, it was his responsibility to handle work place regulations — and one of those was the perfume issue.

    People's strong feelings about their strong scents caused him to nearly tear his hair out. 

    I do wonder about the enforcement part. And what can you say when a customer or client comes in with strong perfume or tobacco smoke? I've had some folks who came in with either one so strong that it almost immediately sent me racing for my inhaler.