Does anyone else use a cool mist humidifier?

Does anyone else us a cool mist humidifier?  One time when I was in the hospital, the pulmo ordered an updraft humidifier for me-it was a weird mask thing that i had to wear but it was basically a cool mist humidifier in a mask that fit under my chin and was open at the top-it was AMAZING.  So, i bought a regular one and put beside my bed.  I've noticed I breathe so much better if I can get in the cool mist at night-


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Lynn, I thought this was such a great question that I moved it over into its bright and shiny new space!

    Interesting that the humidifier helped you — I wonder if it is the heat or the humidity that triggers my asthma. Humid southern days don't help my asthma very much, but maybe I should talk to my doctor about whether it's the heat or the actual humidity.

    One word of caution for those whose asthma is triggered by mold or dust mite allergies — those allergens can thrive in more humid conditions. 

    I'm interested in hearing other people's answers about whether this helps their asthma symptoms! So glad, too, that it has helped you!

  • LK

    Lynn, I am glad it is helping you sleep better!  Can't say that I've tried a cool mist humidifier at night.  Since cool air is a trigger for me and even the AC blowing on me bothers me, I may just let you enjoy it!  

    Now that you mention it since I've been on Dupixent some things like cool air don't get my chest to hurting quite as much as before.  Thank you for bringing this up!  Hadn't really thought about it until now.

  • Pljohns

    Cool air is a trigger for me too but there is something about the mist being in it that for some reason is just a breathe of fresh air during the night.  To feel the cool mist on my face, my nose opens up and my lungs just seem to relax.  Now, the AC or a cold outside wind has the opposite affect! I run it on the lowest setting that allows it to fall on my face and turn it off when I'm not sleeping and clean it every week by the instructions.  The last thing I want is to get any type of mold going!  I don't intend to continue using it but right now, it's definitely helping-between that and the air purifier.