Does anyone else in your family have asthma?

I was thinking of this because I know a lot of these allergic diseases tend to run in families.  None of my kids have asthma, but my sister and her 2 boys do.

Does anyone else in your house have asthma?  How about your extended family?  How do they manage their asthma?


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  • K8sMom2002

    My mother's family is known for their wimpy lungs — mine included. 

    My maternal grandfather died of lung cancer.

    My maternal uncle had emphysema.

    My mom and her older sister both died of emphysema and COPD, and both had asthma.

    My mom's younger sister has asthma.

    A maternal great aunt actually died of asthma at a very young age. 

    My maternal cousin has asthma.

    My sister has something that sounds mighty close to cough variant asthma, .

    On my father's side, my dad has asthma and COPD.

    And of course I have asthma.

    The trail ends there because neither I, my sister nor my cousin had any biological children. It's just coincidence that my DD has asthma — but she's had it since she was a baby and we brought her home from China with a lovely bout of bronchitis.