Doctors once again refuse new approaches

I'm frustrated, so bear with me. I know some of you have experienced this so this is why I am venting here… 

Once again a doctor has refused my request for Lydocaine Nebulizer solutions, citing it being "quasi-dangerous." I have done the research and research performed my UW Medicine, NCIB – NIH, and countless others have stated it not only is safe, but actually is shown to help those with Steroidal Resistant Asthma (SRA) in reducing asthma flare symptoms and cough severity.

It is EXTREMELY frustrating when my own Doctors refuse to do the same research and read the SAME sources that have taken me TEN MINUTES to find, read, and understand. So once again I am SOL for a treatment that was proven to stunt the length of my asthma attacks when I had access to it five years ago. Its disheartening and depressing…


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  • K8sMom2002

    Brian, it's really frustrating to feel like you haven't been heard. What are your doctors suggesting instead?

  • Brian

    Nothing. Staying the course basically. Because that's been an effective approach to this point (sarcasm)

  • Shea

    Brian, that is frustrating when you feel a doctor isn't willing to discuss new things, research with you, and venture into new territory (especually when you feel stuck in your treatment plan).

    I like immunologists (as opposed to pulmonologists alone because they seem used to dealing with new treatments and complex diseases in a whole-body manner)– AND I like doctors that work at universities–They tend to be more comfortable doing research and continuing education, and are often teaching or former teachers so they are comfortable both educating and becoming educated.

    Don't give up! Your doctor might just not excel in this particular area but I bet there is one out there who does! I went through something similar looking fir a dictor who was comfortable treating me for my rare disease AND who would talk tbrough treatments with me. It was mt 3rd try and it was the charm thank goodness. Eventually I had to leave due to insurance purposes but he got me through some difficult times with my disease. Anyways I remember it being a pain and feeling rustrated and I have seen others go thpugh it on here but totally worth it when you find a good foctor… So feel free to vent here because we definitelt can empathize.

  • Emelina

    Hi Brian, I just stumbled across this post. One of my doctors suggested that I try lidocaine nebs for breaking the pesky refractory cough and I love them. Perhaps you could ask your doctor to call their clinic or hospital pharmacist for assistance with dosing? Maybe he/she is unnecessarily worried about hitting the systemic toxic dose? Or she/he had a bad experience in the past which has colored their perception of the drug? Do you use 2% or 4% solution? If you have a very nervous doctor, you could try to get him/her to prescribe the lower percent … or, even consider switching physicians like Shea suggested until you find one that matches and will listen to your research and what treatment works for you! I did a rough back of the envelope calculation with a pharmacist and i’d Have to neb q4-6 hours to get close to a toxic dose.