Doctor help

Hey need some help for a friend whose asthma has recently gotten worse.  Looking for a new doctor.


How do you guys perceive your physicians? Did you first go to primary care and then go to allergist or pulmonologist?  How did you decide which physician would be best.  

Thank u for your input xx


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  • Pljohns

    AFKHEALTH-I was first diagnosed by my primary but he didn’t believe in “treating” it-I was getting worse and he wouldn’t do anything so I referred myself to a pulmonologist for testing.  he confirmed but said to follow up with my primary!  I found another primary-but they did’t know what to do either.  I eventually landed with an allergist for allergy testing and followed up with them until they told me they had no idea what to do with me and then I change to yet another pulmo(found her after I was admitted to the hospital).  I have an odd type of asthma and NO allergies so no one knows what to do with me.  At the moment, I have a pulmo but they aren’t that great but in Birmingham right now, there is a min 9 mo wait for a pulmo IF you can find one that will treat asthma-they all want sleep disorders only. I’m stuck with the one I have-my new PCP did agree to see me if I get sick but wants pulmo to handle me.  It’s not a good situation but at the moment I have no choice.

    I would say the most important thing in a doctor is to find one that listens to you, is willing to work to find what works for you and is knowledgeable in dealing with asthma.

  • Shea

    I just moved to a new area, so I am still working on setting up my care team. With my insurance, I needed a primary doctor first, then ask them for referral(s), and for sny prescriptions you need to hold you over until you can get in eith a specialists (such as rescue inhalers, and/or other asthma control medications). My disease is an immune system disease called Churg-Strauss Syndrome and allergic asthma is one component of the disease. The allergist/immunologist I was referred to was able to give me a breathing test called a PFT, a pulmonologist can also give this test, and either specialist can write prescriptions for inhalers and manage asthma care plans– so you can do either type of specialist– I chose allergist/immunologist because I know I have allergic asthma, and they are able to give allergy tests as well and have a lot of info on minimizing allergic triggers. Pulmonologists might be helpful if it is asthma from lung disease, but typically do not do allergy tests. Next I will be seeing a rheumatologidt because I need help lowering on my prednisone that I use to keep my disease from flaring my asthma– if your friend has had to be on prednisone a lot for her asthma and has trouble lowering off prednisone, then that is another possible referral she should talk to her primary care doctor about.