Do you play a musical instrument – brass, wind – and have asthma?

My son has been playing the French horn in school for the past couple of years. I want him to stick with it and hopefully play in the HS band – there are virtually no French horn players. 

This summer, he went to a week-long music camp. It was right after his asthma was acting up. It was the most he'd ever practiced – about 2 hours a day. 

We discovered that he got tired and winded halfway through the day and was coming home kind of wiped out. So I started having him pre-medicate at lunch the same as if he had exercise-induced asthma and was in gym – and that helped a lot!

My questions for the adults with asthma reading this – if you have asthma and play a brass or wind instrument, did or does the same thing happen to you? What helped? 

That is him at camp, and yes that is a belt around his waist with his medicine!





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  • Kathy P

    Both my kids play wind instruments. They started in 5th grade and have played since. In HS, they took at least 1 band class each year – sometimes more. Both did marching band and concert band their first year. A did marching band all 4 yrs, T has only done marching 2 yrs.  A plays trumpet and would do jazz band for the spring semester. T plays bass clarinet (among other things) and made it into the select band after first year. So, he done a concert band for 3 yrs. He's not doing any band class this year bc he's heavily loading his schedule with 3 AP math/science classes.

    I remember A having breath issues – but she has more chronic asthma than T. We'd have her pretreat before band in 5th grade because she was having issues. It helped.

    The other thing was building up physical endurance. Both my kids could tell they had increased lung capacity and endurance after a semester of marching band. Yeah, it was always a rough start at band camp when they were doing marching practice for several hours in the morning, then playing all afternoon. By the end of camp (it was 5 day resident camp in the mountains), they were sore and exhausted!