I am a 77 year old male, active and in good health.

I had asthma for 67 years. I and my parents have spent thousands of dollars on medications, inhalers, hospital visits and  Dr. visits with an occasional emergency room visit.

Four years ago I went on the Atkins diet and within two weeks I was off my inhalers and all other asthma medications, I told my allergist about this and he seemed unimpressed (losing a patient?). All my medical numbers are good, triglycerides, A1c, weight, liver function, cholesterol all in normal range and given my age that's amazing.

It's been 4 years now and I have not been back. My health is good and I lost 40lbs.

I wish the medical profession would take notice of this but of course it's not in their best self interests. 

This would probably apply to the Keto and Palio diets as well as I believe that grains were at the core of my problem.

Give it a shot you have nothing to lose except a few pounds and extravagant medical bills.


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  • Shea

    Wow Larry that is impressive to be off of all inhalers now and stable and feeling well. I hope to be there one day! I haven't tried Atkins but I do have a lot of food allergies and sensitivities that I have identified as related to my asthma/allergic disease. Like, shrimp and some fish will trigger an attack, foods high in sulfites or nitrites, and I am anaphylactic to nuts. It would be very hard for me to cut grains from my diet but I am considering trying it out.