Counting Doses – Make Sure Your Inhaler Has Medication

It sounds more like the inhaler was empty rather than expired. So sad. I know I really rely on the dose counters on my various inhalers.

How do you keep track of how many doses are left in your inhaler?

A nurse practitioner in December prescribed two puffers to Avina, who had asthma and also carried an EpiPen because he was allergic to peanuts and egg whites. The medical device delivers a dose of epinephrine to users experiencing a severe allergic reaction.

One of Avina’s puffers had lapsed and not been renewed, McElligott said, leaving Avina with a puffer that lacked a vital medication, one that reduces inflammation that can block breathing passages, and forcing him instead to rely on two puffs of a single medication whose overuse can place stress on the heart.


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