Coming off a biologic

Hi all!

My xolair treatment is unfortunately being stopped from today, as it hasn't given me enough benefit. But it definitely did make a fair bit of difference in my day to day symptoms.

While I have a plan with my care team going forward, I am a little concerned about what will happen to my symptoms in the mean time – especially given my asthma is very driven by allergies and I'm heading into my worst hayfever season (now until august really!).

So has anyone else come off of a biologic? And if so, how did you find the process – any worsening of symptoms etc and how long until you noticed any difference?


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  • Richard

    I've been on Xolair for 8  months and am not thrilled  with the results so far.  Sorry I can't help you with what to expect coming off.  I'm confused.  If Xolair has given you a "fair" bit of benefit why are you coming off?  How long have you been on?

  • Js706

    I've been on since last July. It has helped my daily symptoms, but hasn't actually reduced the number of admissions I'm having or really helped me to reduce my daily steroid dose much. I live in the UK and unfortunately they are the two criteria they use for continuing it or not. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Jess, do you think you would qualify from some of the other biologics? Some folks have not had success with one, but have with another.

    Hoping your transition off will be a smooth one. Do you wear a mask when you go outside?

  • Js706

    Not at the moment unfortunately Cynthia we’ve never managed to find high enough eosinophils (although, not sure it’s ever been checked while off pred, as even before I was on a maintenance dose I would normally be on for a couple of days before ending up in hospital).

    I have blood forms to get my blood count done myself if I manage to get to 25mg of pred or below at home on the chance some appear though! And that will be one of the potential aims of the planned steroid reduction I should be having in hospital. So my team hasn’t given up on finding them!

    I’ve got my Cambridge mask, which I expect will be getting much more use in the next couple of months!

  • LK

    Hi Jess!  I had my last Xolair injection the first part of January.  Had been on it since last March and we didn't see much change.  I started Dupixent the end of January so I can't say what I would have been like without it.  I noticed a marked improvement within a few days of starting the Dupixent.

    Hoping for the best for you!!