Cold Weather Can Give You Exercise-Induced Asthma

You don’t have to have chronic asthma to have symptoms

Most people with experience asthma symptoms when they . But many people who never experience asthma symptoms also can experience the same chest-tightening and shortness of breath when they work out – especially in cold weather.

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  • Auntmich

    I get nervous for my nine year old son who has asthma when he plays basketball. Its very scary. If anyone had any advice on children and sports, i would aprreciate it. Thank you and be well.


  • Kathy P

    Is his asthma well-controlled? What are his triggers? Does he have exercise-induced asthma? Why do you get nervous? What is your concern with exercise?

  • Auntmich

    Im not sure.they say he has asthma because hes had to use nebulizer so much when he has colds. I get nervous because when he plays basketball, i see him hitting his chest and breathing hard. Dont know if its just from the cardio workout or the asthma. I get nervous because i fear he will not be able to breath

  • Kathy P

    You aren't sure if he has asthma? So, he hasn't been diagnosed with asthma? Doc's often call it RAD (reactive airway disorder) before labeling it asthma. But if he's having issues w/ breathing difficulty when playing sports, then he needs to be assessed by a doc to see if he needs to be on preventative treatments. Or doc may recommend that he pretreat before exercise. My dd has issues w/ exercise and would start coughing during her karate classes. Her doc had her pretreat w/ albuterol before class and that all stopped. Same w/ PE class. Definitely time to check back in with the doc to address your concerns.

  • Kathy P

    Actually RAD is reactive airway disease – sorry, mytyped!

    Are you seeing while he is playing?