Cleaning Chemicals for Sick Season What’s Your Go-To

With sick season underway:  what is your favorite band of cleaning products that are asthma-friendly?  (we all love Clorox ideally I know but I know they set a lot of us off!)

Any you've found that are effective but gentle

My favorite is ODOBAN (since I can spray fabrics)


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  • Tiffany F.

    I use DIY all natural cleaners around my home with my daughter (white vinegar, water, essential oils) but yes indeed sick season usually calls for something a little more charged.  I use the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Spray when I need a little extra dose of power.  It is safe on fabrics too and I haven't seen it be too hard on my daughter yet.  We do make sure our air purifiers are turned on when I am cleaning or spraying anything.

  • K8sMom2002

    For my floors, I love using my steamer mop — nothing but water, so no overpowering scents.

    I use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle (I just buy a hydrogen peroxide with a pump spray and then use that pump spray on a bigger bottle of hydrogen peroxide).

    I also like putting a pump spray on a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol. I like vinegar for its grease-cutting abilities. 

    I also have found that if I dilute bleach according to the directions on the back of the Clorox jug, it doesn't affect me as badly as straight bleach. What I've done is to recycle a small empty Clorox jug of bleach, mix the diluted solution there, then mark with a Sharpie that it is diluted Clorox. 

    That way, it's in a properly marked jug that is designed to hold bleach, it's small enough (this is the half-size jug) that the bleach solution doesn't have a chance to lose its potency before I use it all, and I still have some that is already made up.

    On really bad days when I'm out of my pre-mixed solution, and I can't stand the fumes from the full strength bleach to begin with, I can get my DH or my DD to mix up a batch.

    I've also found that I can stand Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes in certain scents — so perhaps that's an option for others.

    And don't underestimate the power of good old fashioned soap and water!

  • Pljohns

    Steamer here too-handheld on bathroom and kitchen surfaces and Lysol or Clorox wipes besides that.  i can get away with the orange colored fantastic too if I'm not having issues before i use it.  I've been washing my hands like crazy and using hand sanitizer at my desk every time I touch anything and I have a small bottle of sanitizer on a clip on my purse strap too.

  • LK

    @Elena Meluso, Glad you posted this question!  I was just wondering the same thing!

    Thank you everyone for all these suggestions.  I hadn't thought of trying other scents of products to see if they bother me. 

  • K8sMom2002

    @LK, were you ever able to find scents that didn't bother you in cleaning products? It takes a lot of courage to give it the old sniff test!

    @Tiffany F., have you guys been able to keep the flu beat back? What's your go-to cleaning routine when you're trying to clean surfaces of possible flu? 

    @Elena Meluso, what about you? Have you figured out any new cleaning products that work but don't aggravate your asthma?

    @Pljohns, my DH has put all but one of my microfiber covers for my steam mop SOMEWHERE, and I can't find them. It's making things very difficult! But I suppose I should be glad he was actually folding laundry, right?

  • Pljohns

    hahaha-now THATS funny!  Sounds like its hide and seek-like when my kids put dishes away-I can NEVER find where they put the serving spoons and things like that-I think they just open a drawer and put them in.  Hope you find them soon-

  • K8sMom2002

    It could be like DH's philosophy: "I put it in the wrong place so you KNOW it was me that was putting it away." 

    He's a great guy, and he's right — I DO notice when he puts something away. I just wish he wouldn't forget where he put it!

  • LK
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    @LK, were you ever able to find scents that didn't bother you in cleaning products? It takes a lot of courage to give it the old sniff test!

    @K8sMom2002 thanks for asking!  

    I have to admit I haven't been brave enough to do any sniff tests on new products!  Just can't make myself stay in the cleaning products aisle, with the strong scents, long enough to read all the labels to decide which new product to try! 

  • Pljohns

    I've been pretty happy that there are a lot of cleaners that are coming out fragrance free.  I got the Sams/WM brand clorox cleaning cloths in the round tub and have been really pleased at how lightly scented they are.  So far, they haven't bothered me at all-and surely not as bad as the true clorox or lysol brand

  • K8sMom2002

    Lisa, I totally get that. The other day I was with DD in the grocery store, and she was pushing the cart. She wasn't thinking, and she made a shortcut down the cleaning products aisle. 

    About halfway down she got a load of my face (I'm sure it looked like a guppy out of water) and apologized. But I didn't say a thing (or take a breath) until I managed to clear that aisle!

    Lynn, SO glad you've found cleaning supplies that work! I think about you often when I'm loading the dryer and using unscented dryer sheets — THANK YOU!

  • LK

    Thank you for suggesting the ALL Free and Clear laundry detergent!  Love it!